News from the senior management team no. 6/2015

Deputy directorships advertised

The vacant positions of deputy director for Research and External Relations and deputy director for IT and Digital Media have been advertised and are expected to be filled by 1 May 2015.

The new deputy director for Research and External Relations will support the university's efforts to attract external research funds and strong external partnerships as well as communicating research findings and attracting new talent.

The position of deputy director for IT and Digital Media involves tasks associated with developing and maintaining the IT architecture of the university's IT systems as well as user support for AV and digital media.

The application deadline for both positions is 8 March 2015.

Millions for AU postdocs from Danish Council for Independent Research

When the Danish Council for Independent Research awarded its postdoc scholarships last week, the recipients included 16 junior researchers at AU.

In all, scholarships totalling almost DKK 130 million were awarded which were allocated to researchers within all fields of research.

This week, the Danish Council for Independent Research is holding the EliteForsk conference, at which the names of the five recipients of this year's Elite Researcher Prize will be announced.

Share your research at the Festival of Research

Application deadlines are fast approaching for researchers wanting to participate in this year's Festival of Research, which will take place 23-25 April under the theme 'Technologies of the Future'.

You can contribute to the event in Aarhus or sign up for the 'Book a Researcher' initiative.

Register for the Festival of Research in Aarhus
This year, the Festival of Research in Aarhus will be held on 24 April, and researchers from all faculties are encouraged to sign up and contribute to the event. The deadline for registering is 2 March 2015.

Register for the 'Book a Researcher' initiative
26 February is the deadline for researchers wanting to register a lecture for this year's 'Book a Researcher' initiative, which runs throughout the Festival of Research.

As a researcher, you decide the topic, and when and where you want to give your lecture during the Festival of Research on 23-25 April.

The deadline for registering is Thursday 26 February 2015. To register, click here

If you have any questions about the initiative, send them via or

MatchPoints Seminar 2015 on security in the Arctic

Security issues in the Arctic and the North Atlantic are the theme this year for this year’s MatchPoints conference in Aarhus, where Nordic politicians and civil servants will meet with researchers from the Nordic countries and the rest of the world.

Aarhus University and the City of Aarhus are hosting the conference, which is being offered in close cooperation with several Nordic universities and research institutions as well as the Danish parliament.

You can register now for the conference, which takes place in November.

AIAS announces Call for Posters

On 11-12 June, AIAS is hosting an international AIAS conference: The Hands of Time: Multiple Perspectives on Aging. Until 1 March, it is possible to submit an abstract with a proposal for a poster presentation on this theme.

Four main sessions will shed light on the theme: 'The Aging Human Individual: Body', 'The Aging Human Individual: Mind', 'The Aging Society' and 'Aging and Culture', and Danish and international speakers from all of the university’s faculties will be invited.

U-days help students decide on a degree programme

On 26-28 February, Aarhus University is opening its doors to potential students for the annual U-days (‘Education days’) event.

At U-days, current students and student counsellors give potential students an idea of what the individual degree programmes have to offer, and this year it is also possible to talk to graduates about the jobs that their degrees have led to.

All institutions of higher education in Aarhus are represented at the U-days event.

Last year, 82 per cent of visitors were clearer about what they wanted to study after attending the event.

Festival of the Century – existence

This year, the Festival of the Century is tackling the theme of human existence. On 5-8 March, the Danish University Extension is hosting EXISTENCE – a festival about being human!

Enjoy a fantastic opening party and more than 50 events, where you can learn about everything from sorrow and superheroes to Bertolt Brecht and the Big Bang.


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