News from the senior management team no. 15/2018

Central Aarhus campus to be expanded

The rector and the four deans presented visions for the physical development of Aarhus University at a general meeting held on 2 May. Over the next 10 years, Aarhus University plans to expand the central campus by developing a ‘University City’ campus on the grounds of the former municipal hospital. Development of the university’s activities at Katrinebjerg and in the University Park is also planned. The objective is to consolidate degree programmes and research activities, which will involve relocating from the locations at Fuglesangs Allé, Navitas, Silkeborg and Kalø.

AU strengthens independent legal aid for students

Aarhus University is set to strengthen the Student Council's legal aid service, especially in relation to education. This means that students will have even greater access to impartial counselling in cases involving harassment, bullying, violence and discrimination, complaints and dispensation.

In practice, the Student Council's legal aid service will be improved through significantly higher visibility among students and by offering all voluntary counsellors skills training in the field of education law. The Education and Research Committee has been informed of the initiative via Universities Denmark in a briefing.

 Aarhus University, together with the other Danish universities, is very concerned about preventing sexual assault and abusive behaviour against students, and helping victims in the best way possible. A survey was conducted at universities on Thursday, 3 May aimed at students who have experienced sexually offensive behaviour during their studies. Universities Denmark and the National Union of Students in Denmark want to gain a better understanding of the situations in which sexually offensive behaviour takes place, and the nature of such behaviour, via the survey.

Annual Regatta 2018: I feel gooood ...

...exclaimed Rector Brian Bech Nielsen at the opening of the students' Annual Regatta 2018 in the University Park.

Accompanied by Mayor Jakob Bundsgaard, and true to tradition, he welcomed about 20,000 students who were gathered for what has become one of northern Europe's biggest student-run events.

Two medical students were in charge of arranging the race, in which student associations across the university compete for ‘Det Gyldne Bækken’ trophy. Psychology was the defending champion, but how did it go this year? The final can be seen on Facebook

Huge interest in new course on entrepreneurship as a career path

Incubator Aarhus, BSS Career and Alumni launched a new course last week under the heading ‘Entrepreneurship as a career path’. More than 50 students will be participating on the new course, designed to integrate entrepreneurship with basic academic skills. The course was developed in close consultation with Aarhus BSS, but is not part of the ECTS-covered tuition.

Pro-rector Berit Eika calls the initiative an excellent example of what can be done to prepare students for the labour market and to support them in clarifying their career choices.

"Denmark needs highly skilled entrepreneurs who can create businesses and new jobs. There are plenty of potential entrepreneurs out there who are not really sure whether to invest their education in studying entrepreneurship. The course allows students to test themselves – and maybe even sow a seed for a new business whilst studying," says Berit Eika, who also sees potential in spreading the concept to other faculties.

The course is part of a joint initiative by academic institutions in Central Denmark Region designed to equip students with entrepreneurship skills. 

Pro-rector Eika: Flexibility in the educational system must not compromise quality

In an editorial on Altinget on 30 April, Pro-rector Berit Eika stressed that the political desire to make the education system more flexible is both positive and necessary, but that increased dynamism must not be purchased at the expense of Master's degree programmes. She warns against incoherent degree programmes, and calls on politicians to recognise the enormous effort already made by universities to adapt to society's demands.

New funding for non-targeted research at AU

51 researchers at Aarhus University have received a total of DKK 163 million from Independent Research Fund Denmark. The total pool comprises a total of DKK 750 million for 239 projects nationwide.

Welcome to new ministers

Tommy Ahlers was appointed as the new Minister for Higher Education and Science this week, replacing Søren Pind. Aarhus University welcomes and looks forward to working with him.

Aarhus University also welcomes Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, the new Minister for Environment and Food, and Eva Kjer Hansen, the new Minister for Fisheries, Equal Opportunities and Nordic Cooperation. Once again, Aarhus University looks forward to our future partnership.


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