News from the senior management team no. 2/2018

Rector welcomes government jobs

Last week, the government announced its plan to relocate government jobs from the capital. 306 jobs are coming to Aarhus; one of the institutions moving to town is Innovation Fund Denmark. Rector Brian Bech Nielsen welcomes these new jobs.

"This will benefit the region, the city and the university. It will provide some attractive new work and partnership opportunities locally, and benefit both students and graduates. Having said that, I do very much understand the situation faced by the staff affected and their families. These are not just 'jobs', they are people with families who are now faced with a challenge they need to solve. We will do our best to help make sure they get off to a good start, and we are looking forward to working with them," says Brian Bech Nielsen, emphasising that the university prioritises cooperation with government institutions no matter where they are located in Denmark.

DKK 120 million from Novo Nordisk Foundation to Aarhus University

Two researchers from Science and Technology each received DKK 60 million from the Novo Nordisk Foundation's Challenge Programme to establish two new interdisciplinary research centres.

One of them – Multifunctional Biomolecular Drug Design (CEMBID) at iNANO – is to be headed by Professor Kurt V. Gothelf, while Professor Clive Sabel is spearheading the other – the Big Data Centre for Environment and Health at the Department of Environmental Sciences.

With the Novo Nordisk Foundation's Challenge Programme, the foundation is hoping to help develop and reinforce Danish research environments in fields that are important to society. The grants are worth up to DKK 10 million per year for up to 6 years. A total of six grants have been awarded on this occasion.

Festival of Research: Researchers can now sign up for ‘Book a Researcher’

The Festival of Research will be taking place in late April, and everyone in Denmark has the opportunity to receive a free visit from a researcher. If you would like to share your knowledge with the genera plublic, you can now register to give a lecture on your research.

Did you miss the Innovation Fund Denmark visit to AU?

Innovation Fund Denmark visited Aarhus University on Tuesday, 16 January to provide information about their notices in 2018 and to inspire researchers to apply for funding within the various funding schemes, including Grand Solutions.

If you missed this event, the presentation from the meeting is available on the AU website. Deputy Director Tore Duvold also invites all interested parties to contact Innovation Fund Denmark in order to ask questions.

AU involved in new Nordic research hub

Aarhus University is one of six Nordic universities that are pooling their resources for research and passing on information about Nordic responses to some of the major global challenges, with EUR 4.3 million of funding from NordForsk.

The new research hub is called ReNEW (Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World) and, as part of the project, Aarhus University will be spearheading the development of the website presenting evidence-based information on the Nordic countries. This website will be based on the university's experiences and expertise from

The hub is based at the University of Helsinki. The other participating universities are the University of Iceland, the University of Oslo, Södertörn University and Copenhagen Business School. 


  • 11‑26 January:  Election to the occupational health and safety organisation
  • 22 January: Aarhus University and the Municipality of Silkeborg to conclude a partnership agreement
  • 26 January: Innovation Fund Denmark’s awards ceremony
  • 22 February: Aarhus University board meeting
  • 1 March: Presentation of Elite Research Prizes at the Opera House
  • 12 March: International panel evaluates AIAS
  • 20 March: Ground-breaking ceremony for the new Department of Food Science building in Aarhus


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