News from the Senior Management Team no. 5/2018

Recruitment norms for appointment of academic staff to permanent positions

The senior management team has defined seven norms which will help strengthen recruitment practices at Aarhus University in future. These seven standards are the result of fruitful discussions among the academic councils and a number of consultations among the research and teaching programmes. 

Registration now open for launch of EDU IT initiative

AU is officially launching its EDU IT initiative, giving all AU staff the opportunity to share their experience and acquire inspiration for their educational IT efforts. 

This launch will take place during a joint event to be held on Tuesday, 13 March, where both internal and external speakers will provide their perspectives on the use of new teaching technologies.

Anyone who is interested in educational IT is welcome to attend this event, which will take place at Stakladen from 11:30 to 16:20.

Communicating research to a broad and enthusiastic audience 

This year, Aarhus University will be opening its doors to the general public at and around Stakladen from 14:00 to 18:00 on Thursday, 26 April, and the theme of this event is FASCINATING RESEARCH. This open event attracts thousands of participants of all ages every year, and provides an opportunity to present research to a broad audience, with speed lectures or exhibition stands. 

The Festival of Research is an initiative launched by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (the current Ministry of Higher Education and Science), and there will fun, accessible access to researchall over Denmark from 20 to 26 April. 

90th anniversary celebration in the University Park for staff and students 

Aarhus University is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. The Student Council and AU Sport will be working in partnership with the university to invite all staff and students to a fantastic party – Denmark’s biggest Friday bar and Sports Day – to be held on Friday 21 September. The traditional annual celebration in the Main Hall and Concert Hall Aarhus will be taking place on Friday 14 September.

Make a note in your calendar for Friday 21 September. This is when Aarhus University, in partnership with the Student Council and AU Sport, will hold its 90th anniversary celebration. A huge joint event for staff and students will be held in the University Park.

The famous concept Denmark's biggest Friday bar and Sports Day will provide the setting for the anniversary celebration. A sports day will be held in the morning, and there will be performances to watch from the middle of the afternoon onwards. Admission is free, and food and drink will be available from food stands and bars in the University Park.  

Saturday with ‘Women in Science’ 

Aarhus University held an event on Saturday, 10 February in connection with the UN's International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This featured presentations from a number of female researchers about their latest research. There was also a panel discussion about women in research. This is the second consecutive year for ‘Women in Science at Aarhus University, and the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS) hosted the event again this year.

‘The initiative to the event was taken by Ashley Pearcy, visiting scientist at the Department of Bioscience.


  • 21 February: Celebration of 2018 Novo Nordisk Prize
  • 22 February: Aarhus University board meeting
  • 1 March: Presentation of Elite Research Prizes at the Opera House
  • 1 March: Supplementary self-evaluation report to be submitted to the Accreditation Institution
  • 1-3 March: U-Days
  • 8-23 March: Rector to visit the administrative centres and administrative divisions
  • 12 March: International panel evaluates AIAS
  • 13 March: Launch of the Educational IT initiative
  • 14 March: Framework contract – second negotiation meeting
  • 20 March: Ground-breaking ceremony for the new Department of Food Science building in Aarhus
  • 22 March: Meeting between Danish and British university rectors at the British Embassy in Copenhagen
  • 5-6 April: Higher Education and Research Conference 2018 to be held at Kolding Fjord