News from the senior management team no. 8/2018

All lockout notices are now listed on AU’s FAQ page on OK18

All lockout notices from the Agency for the Modernisation of Public Administration applicable to AU employees are now listed on the AU staff services FAQ page.

Pro-rector: High level required at university

According to a new survey published by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science on 7 March 2018, a high academic level is a common cause of students dropping out at universities in Denmark. 

Berit Eika, pro-rector for education at Aarhus University, is of the opinion that these figures are an indicator that universities are safeguarding quality and a high academic level, and highlight the need for future students to balance their expectations. She also points out that the dropout issue is often more complex.

Six subject areas in QS top 50

In the latest QS international university ranking list, Aarhus University ranks in the top 100 in 17 subjects – six of which are in the top 50. Arts in particular is making its mark in terms of success, attributable at least in part to the results of several years of targeted initiatives to attract strong research talent on an international level.

New administrative centre manager at Health

Nikolaj Harbjerg will be taking over the position as administrative centre manager at Health on 1 April after six years in a similar position at Aarhus BSS.

Quality survey: Ministry of Higher Education appoints expert panel

The new subsidy system means that quality surveys have to be carried out at educational institutions in future. Last week, the Ministry of Higher Education and Science announced that the survey will be developed and implemented in 2018. The Ministry has appointed a panel of experts and a reference group. These aim to bring together institutions and students for development of a questionnaire survey to which students, graduates and – possibly – teaching staff will be asked to respond.

Associate professor Kim Jesper Herrmann from the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Aarhus University has been named as a member of the five-strong expert panel, while vice-dean Niels Lehmann is a member of the reference group, totalling 11 members.

The quality survey must form part of the foundation for re-establishing the institutions' basic subsidies in 2023 and could be worth up to 1.25 per cent of education funding for a period of four years. As far as AU is concerned, given the accounts for 2017 it will be worth just over DKK 20 million a year.

Welfare up for debate at MatchPoints – early bird tickets still available

The welfare state is up for debate at the AU's major MatchPoints seminar, which will be taking place on 24-26 May 2018. This conference will be presenting robots and researchers working with robots, and you will be able to find out all about the assistance offered by robots and the challenges they present.

"Who will save welfare – robots or volunteers?" is just one of the panel debates on offer. Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard, MF Ida Auken, vice-dean Anne Marie Pahuus and Mads Roke Clausen, chairman of the National Council for Volunteering, are just some of the participants. You will also have the opportunity to take part in a themed day on social robots and watch robot theatre in action.

Professor Cathrine Hasse from the Danish School of Education will be one of the speakers at MatchPoints. Watch the video and get a sneak peek at her presentation on robots in the welfare state.

Tickets are still available for this year's MatchPoints seminar – sign up before 18 March to receive early bird tickets.


  • 2-23 March: Rector to visit the administrative centres and administrative divisions
  • 12 March: International panel evaluates AIAS
  • 13 March: Launch of the Educational IT initiative
  • 14 March: Framework contract – second negotiation meeting
  • 20 March: Groundbreaking ceremony for the new Department of Food Science building in Aarhus
  • 22 March: Meeting between Danish and British university rectors at the British Embassy in Copenhagen
  • 5-6 April: Higher Education and Research Conference 2018 to be held at Kolding Fjord
  • 9 April: ERC Inspiration Day (to be opened by the rector)  
  • 11 April: Aarhus University board meeting
  • 26 April: Festival of Research
  • 24-26 May: MatchPoints Seminar
  • 30 May: The Rigmor and Carl Holst-Knudsen Award for Scientific Research


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