News from the Senior Management Team no. 10/2019

Financial statements 2018: Solid finances secure scope for academic development for Aarhus University

According to the 2018 annual report, approved by the Board at its meeting on 25 April, Aarhus University incurred a loss for the year of DKK 2 million from total revenues of DKK 6.6 billion.

In other words, with solid, balanced finances at Aarhus University, the Board is confident that AU will be able to continue with its ambitions to strengthen strategic initiatives. The Board is also keenly aware of the challenge of covering overheads as a result of increasing research funding from external sources.

Rector submits ST split proposal for consultation

The proposal on the splitting of Science and Technology has been presented to the Board, and Rector Brian Bech Nielsen will now submit the proposal for consultation. All faculties, student organisations, the administration and the Main Liaison Committee will be involved in the consultation, which will be particularly extensive at ST. 

The proposal describes dividing ST into two new faculties: the Faculty of Engineering and Life Sciences and the Faculty of Science.

The proposal has been formulated on the basis of discussions between the rector, the Dean’s Office and department heads at ST. The model that they devised for splitting the faculty was subsequently presented to staff at all ST departments and centres equivalent to institutes, and staff provided their input and asked questions about the proposal. 

The consultation will continue until 20 May, and the Board is expected to make a final decision on the future organisation of ST by 7 June 2019. 

AU professor receives NNF Distinguished Investigator Grant

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has awarded a five-year grant in the form of an NNF Distinguished Investigator 2019 grant to Professor Poul Nissen of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics/DANDRITE. This grant relates to Bioscience and Basic Biomedicine and is awarded to researchers who have demonstrated that they can perform and direct research at the very highest international level. With this grant, Poul Nissen will receive DKK 10 million in order to conduct research into the insulin receptor.

Festival of Research: focus on fascinating research 

Do we come from space? What does the sound of chocolate taste like? Should there be elephants in the Danish countryside? And what is good leadership? These were just some of the questions asked at this year’s Festival of Research, attended by more than 1,000 participants, which were answered by the students and researchers who presented their research projects at the event.

Under the banner Fascinating Research, this was the 15th consecutive Festival of Research to take place in and around Stakladen. The event held at AU on 24 April was a part of a major nationwide event aiming to pay tribute to the fundamental element of curiosity in research – and to establish points of contact for researchers and the people of Denmark.

Deadline approaching for 2019 DHL Relay Race registration

Registration for this year’s DHL will be open until 9 May, so you do not have long to register your team for the relay race and walk. AU is participating in DHL again this year, and will be running in three cities on the following days:

Odense: Thursday 15 August

Aarhus: Thursday 22 August

Copenhagen: Thursday 29 August 


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