The Business Committee

On behalf of the senior management team, the Business Committee handles academic issues and framework conditions that are common to all of Aarhus University's faculties in business and innovation-related issues.

The Business Committee works in close collaboration with the senior management team. For example, the senior management team may ask the Business Committee to develop specific proposals for initiatives or activities in relation to the area. Similarly, the Business Committee may submit proposals to the senior management team.

The Business Committee works in dialogue with the faculties and is supported by the administrative Coordination Group in the business area. In addition, the Business Committee includes the Committee on Education, the Research Committee, departments, administration, external stakeholders and others.


Lone Ryg Olsen

Director of Enterprise and Innovation Enterprise and Innovation

Members of the Business Committee

Unni From

Deputy Head of School School of Communication and Culture - Media Studies

Kirsten Jensen

Head of AU's office of Business Collaboration Enterprise and Innovation - Office of Business Collaboration

Thomas G. Jensen

Department of Biomedicine - Forskning og uddannelse, Skou-bygningen

Jørgen Brøchner Jespersen

Special Advisor Dean's Office, Technical Sciences

Kurt Nielsen

Vice-Dean Dean's Office, Technical Sciences

Per Baltzer Overgaard

Vice-Dean Dean's Office, Aarhus BSS


Lea Vad Brændgaard

Special Consultant Enterprise and Innovation - Office of Business Collaboration

Elsebeth Bisbo, Chief Secretary, Enterprise and Innovation - Office of Business Collaboration


The Business Committee meets about once a month and as needed.