The Business Committee

Together with with the faculty business committees, the university's central  business committee work to improve the framework for researcher and student collaboration with private and public sector businesses and organisations.

Aarhus University’s goal is to be the preferred partner for the business community and the public sector. This goal, which is included in Aarhus University's Strategy 2013-2020, was in part adopted in recognition of the fact that an increasing proportion of the university's graduates must find employment in the private sector. As one of several means to achieve this, students must be are offered more activities which bring them into direct contact with companies and public institutions in the course of their studies.

In relation to research, there is also great potential for intensified collaboration which the university wishes to pursue. Examples include concrete research projects, the use of research infrastructure and talent development,  including PhD and postdoc programmes.


Brian Bech Nielsen, Rector, Rector's Office
Arnold Boon, University Director, Rector's Office
Berit Eika, Pro-Rector, Rector's Office
Johnny Laursen, Dean, Dekanatet, Arts
Eskild Holm Nielsen, Dean, Dean's Office, Technical Science
Thomas Pallesen, Dean, Dean's Office, Aarhus BSS
Kristian Pedersen, Dean, Deans Office, Natural Sciences


The Business Committee meets about once a month and as needed.