Guide to notifying candidates for elections

The E-election system E-vote enables electronic notification of candidates. This is a guide to notifying candidates for elections in E-vote.

Before you start:

Candidate lists are created using names and email addresses. If you are running for election with several candidates on the same list, make sure that you have this information on all the candidates before you start.

Information regarding personal data:

The Elections Secretariat will publish information about your full name, the part election you are running for and the result of the election at the AU homepage. The information will be deleted as soon as the deadline for complaints regarding the election has expired towards the end of November.

1. Logon to E-vote

Log on to the candidate notification system via the election website.

Use your AU-id and password.

2. Create candidate list

The person creating a candidate list is the ”list coordinator” and is automatically a candidate on the list with the status ”accepteret” (”accepted”). On ranked lists, the list coordinator is automatically given first priority, but this can be changed later.

The list coordinator may choose to delete himself/herself as a candidate before invitations are sent out.

Select opret kandidatliste” ("create candidate list") next to the body for which you want to create a candidate list and fill in all the fields marked with *.  Press “continue”.

Important: The name of the list must not indicate which sub-election the candidate list concerns. For example, you may not call your list "board of studies for XXX" or "Department of XXX". Nor may you use a well-known abbreviation for this.


  • Ranking: candidates are listed in an order decided by themselves. If one candidate wants to be elected and one candidate wants to be a substitute, you choose ranking.
  • Equally ranked: candidates are ranked equally on the list. The personal amount of votes will be decisive for the election.

3. Add candidates to the list

Select ”opret kandidat” ("create candidate") and fill in all the fields marked with *.

Important: Find the candidates on the drop-down menu and select them. If the list is ranked, state a unique value for each candidate under "rank" (1, 2, 3, etc.). Repeat this for each new candidate. Make sure that you have given the correct information before you press “OK”. Press “OK” once you have given the correct information.


Only for nomination to the board: Select the  "nominators" tab and fill in all the fields marked with *. Repeat until there are at least five nominators. Candidates are automatically nominators for the list on which they are listed. If there are more than 5 candidates on a list the Election Secretariat will accept the candidates also as nominators. If there are fewer than 5 candidates on a list list coordinator MUST remember to assign nominators so that there are a total of 5 nominators incl. the candidates of the list. You cannot be a nominator on more than one list.

Information about the candidates and the nominators can be adjusted later by selecting ”ret kandidat” (”edit candidate”) or ”ret stiller” (”edit nominator”).

4. Send out invitations

Select ”udsend invitationer” ("send invitations") and select OK in the confirmation popup box, and the invitations will then be sent to the listed candidates/nominators. You can add candidates as many times as you like and send them invitations. Once you have submitted the list to the Election Secretariat, it is no longer possible to add candidates to the list. See more about how to submit the candidate list below.

Important: List invitations or nominator invitations may end up in the recipient’s spam mail/junk mail. Please contact the invited candidates to make sure that they have received the invitations and make them aware of the fact that they must accept the invitations.

5. Respond to an invitation

Invited candidates and nominators will receive an email with a link to the election system. The link leads them directly to the candidate list created with all the names on the list.

Select ”accepter” (”accept”) or ”afvis” (”reject”).

If you have been invited as a candidate or a nominator and you are not entitled to vote, you will receive an error message. 

6. Submit the candidate list

Select ”afsend liste” (”send list”) and select OK in the confirmation popup box. The list has now been submitted to the Election Secretariat, and it is no longer possible to edit the list.

Remember: Do not submit the list before it has been finalised.

Only the candidates who have accepted their invitation will be included on the list. Invited candidates who have rejected the invitation, or who have not replied, will not be included. If a candidate high on the list does not accept his/her invitation, the remaining candidates will move up a place, but maintain their ranking relative to each other.

See status of existing lists and invitations

  1. Log on to the candidate notification system via the election website.
  2. Select ”Du er listekoordinator på en liste” ("You are a list coordinator of a list"), ”Du er kandidat på en liste” ("You are a candidate on a list") or ”Du er stiller på en liste” ("You are a nominator on a list"), and you will then be able to get an overview of the current status.
  3. Both the voting module, the Master’s module and the association module have links that enable the self-service user to see their own data in E-valg. The function generates an HTML file that the user can open or save. The function, which is called ' Own data', is activated via a link in the top right-hand corner of the screen next to the ' Log out ' and ' In English ' links. If the user has activated ‘In English’, the link is called ‘Own data’ and the content is displayed in English.