Voter turnout AU Election 2023: 20,64%



Contested elections - The Board

Contested elections - Others

Contested election: A contested election means that it is possible to vote for different candidates. If more candidate lists with more candidates than available seats have been submitted, it will be a contested election. If only one candidate list has been submitted, but it contains more candidates than available seats, it will also be a contested election if the list is not prioritised.


List of uncontested election 2023 (in Danish)

Uncontested election: It is not necessary to vote if an area of representation does not have more candidates than available seats. The Election Committee will declare the candidates on the list to be elected in the order listed. Non-elected candidates are regarded as substitutes for the elected candidates.   


List of cancelled elections 2023 (in Danish)

Cancellation of elections: The election will be cancelled if an area of representation has not submitted a candidate list before the deadline. The consequence of a cancelled election is that no representatives are elected. For academic staff, this means that lots will be drawn to find the employees that will join the body. Employees have an obligation to participate as members of the university’s governing bodies. For students, representatives cannot be appointed, but it is possible to choose to appoint observers without the right to vote.