Fast Track Agreements

Fast Track Agreements

Aarhus University standard agreements
The legal contract team at AU Technology Transfer Office has introduced a range of standard agreements for use by University departments and centres. The standard agreements establish a fast track-model for agreements, which supposes that no changes are required to the standard terms. Further the standard agreements do not apply to clinical research area.

Who can sign AU fast track agreements
In accordance with AU procedures and delegation fast track agreements must be signed by the authorized Head of Department.

How to use AU fast track agreements
Each fast track agreement contains schedules and/or highlighted fields which you must complete. A (digital) copy of the executed agreement must be sent to the legal contract team at to be registered within central records.

Fast track agreements are updated regularly, and should be downloaded from the AU Technology Transfer Office website as needed, to ensure that the latest version is used at all times.

What to do if changes to the standard terms are required
You must contact the legal contract team at if you or the other party wish to change any of the terms and conditions contained in the standard agreements, as all such change(s) must be reviewed and approved by the legal contract team.

The following Fast Track Standard Agreements can be downloaded below