Meals, local transport and small necessities

When you need to cover your meal expenses, a distinction is made between two types of official trips:

  • Official trips that last less than 24 hours or without an overnight stay (’éndagsrejser’ (one-day trips))
  • Official trips that last at least 24 hours, including overnight stays

There are two ways to cover meal expenses

  1. Reimbursement against documentation
  2. Disbursement of hourly and daily allowances

Reimbursement against documentation

In relation to one-day trips (less than 24 hours or without an overnight stay), expenses for meals are covered in the form of reimbursement against documentation. This means that you either pay using your AU credit card or pay yourself and then settle in RejsUd. It is important that you remember to save your receipts so that you can document the expense

Hourly and daily allowances

Hourly and daily allowances are a fixed amount that AU pays for meals and refreshments while you are on an official trip, a course or anything else that lasts more than 24 hours and includes an overnight stay.

The point of departure is that 75 per cent of the amount should cover the cost of meals distributed according to the following percentages:

  • 15 per cent for breakfast
  • 30 per cent for lunch
  • 30 per cent for dinner

The remaining 25 per cent should be used to cover small necessities. These may include snacks, transport from the hotel to the venue, private telephone calls and newspapers.

If you receive (free) meals in connection with the official trip – for example, breakfast at the hotel or lunch as part of the conference, the hourly and daily allowance will be reduced according to the same percentage rates. You must select the relevant box in RejsUd.

The current hourly and daily allowance rates can be found in the current satsreguleringscirkulære (rates for official travel). Note: In the “satreguleringscirkulære” (rates for official travel), expenses are referred to as both expenses and ‘additional expenses’. This is the same amount and is included in the hourly and daily allowance rate.

Please contact the RejsUd support team if you need help settling expenses in RejsUd.

Documentation and disbursement of hourly and daily allowances

You do not need to document your expenses when you receive hourly and daily allowances.

The hourly and daily allowances are paid for each 24 hours that an official trip lasts when it includes an overnight stay. Furthermore, an hourly allowance is paid for each additional hour commenced during the trip beyond the first 24 hours. The hourly allowance amounts to 1/24 of the daily allowance.