Meals on official trips

There are three ways to cover expenses for meals when you go on an official trip of either more than/less than 24 hours:

  1. Disbursement of hourly and and daily allowances
  2. Reimbursement against documentation
  3. Reimbursement against documentation and percentage compensation


Hourly and daily allowances

Hourly and daily allowances are a fixed amount that AU pays to cover expenses for meals, small necessities and local transportation while you are on an official trip that lasts at least 24 hours and includes an overnight stay.

As a general rule, 75 per cent of the amount should cover the cost of meals according to the following percentages:

  • 15 per cent for breakfast
  • 30 per cent for lunch
  • 30 per cent for dinner

The remaining 25 per cent should be used to cover daily necessities. These may include snacks, transport from the hotel to the venue (local transport), private telephone calls and newspapers.



If you receive (free) meals in connection with an official trip – for example, breakfast at the hotel or lunch as part of the conference – your hourly and daily allowance will be reduced according to the percentage rates listed above. In RejsUd, please tick the box next to the meal you have received and your hourly and daily allowance will be reduced accordingly.



The current hourly and daily allowance rates can be found in the current rate adjustement circular for official trips, which you will find in the menu on the right. Note: In the rate adjustment circular, expenses are referred to as both expenses and ‘additional expenses’. This is the same amount and is included in the hourly and daily allowance rate.

Reimbursement against documentation

In relation to one-day trips (less than 24 hours or without an overnight stay), and journeys where you are not entitled to hourly and daily allowance, expenses for meals are covered in the form of reimbursement against documentation. This means that you either pay using your AU credit card or pay yourself and then settle in RejsUd. It is important that you remember to save your receipts so that you can document the expense.

Please note that hourly and daily allowances cannot be paid for a trip that lasts less than 24 hours, even if it is connected to an overnight stay.

Reimbursement against documentation and provision of percentage compensation

Hourly and daily allowance

You do not need to document your expenses for meals, small necessities or local transportation when you receive hourly and daily allowances, as these expenses must be covered by the hourly and daily allowances.


Percent allowance

You must document your expenses for your three main meals. The percentage allowance covers additional expenses for local transportation, small necessities and so on.



Hourly and daily allowances and percentage allowances are paid for each 24 hours that a official trip lasts when it includes an overnight stay. Please note that hourly and daily allowances and a percentage allowance cannot be paid out of the same official trip.