Intensive English

AU offers a week-long intensive English course to enable you to improve your spoken English in a targeted and relevant way.

Target group
All AU employees who have contact to English-speaking students, staff, colleagues or collaboration partners and who command English at an intermediate level (or above).

Course Aim
The course’s aim is that you notice a distinct improvement in your spoken communication with English-speaking students, staff, colleagues or collaboration partners – that your communication becomes more fluent, professional and confident. The course focuses on spoken communication, but, according to the participants’ requirements, it can also include relevant written and grammatical topics.

Course Content
The course will, as far as possible, take its point of departure in the English tasks and challenges that you and the other participants experience on a daily basis. The course will focus on practical communication, developing your vocabulary, and activating your passive vocabulary through exercises and conversation.

The course typically includes the following topics as a means to introduce more specific content:  

  • Professional vocabulary
  • Communicating with international staff and students
  • Presenting AU job functions and tasks
  • Being polite and diplomatic in English
  • Telephone English
  • Participating in English meetings
  • Cultural differences
  • Making small talk
  • Discussing current AU topics
  • Email English
  • Relevant grammatical topics

As well as traditional class tuition, the teaching method will include exercises, role plays, participant presentations, and pair and group work. The course instructor is an English native speaker and has a comprehensive knowledge of both British and Danish university environments.

Practical Information
Once you have registered for the course, you will be asked to complete a needs analysis form, where you can describe your English daily tasks and challenges and your wishes for the course. This will enable the course instructor to tailor-make the course to the participants’ requirements. You will also be asked to complete an English multiple choice test, which will help to ensure a homogeneous English level in the group.

The course will take place from Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 15.30.

Course Instructor
The course will be taught by Sarah Jennings. Sarah has a PhD from Warwick University (England) and, since 2011, has been helping AU staff and students with their English communication. Sarah offers courses on both administrative and academic English and works as an academic copyeditor for Language Services in the Faculty of Arts.

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