Working hours

Flexible working hours

A flexitime scheme can be set up if agreed locally between the manager and the employees, including the union representatives. A possible flexitime scheme must be considered by the liaison committee.

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Outline of working hours rules

See guide about working hours rules.

Plus time

The circular on the Collective Agreement for State-Employed Academics (Overenskomst for Akademikere i Staten) states that managers and employees can make individual agreements regarding plus time.

An agreement on plus time means that the working hours of an employee can be increased to an average of 42 hours per week and that the salary can be increased proportionally. Pension contribution of the increased salary will be paid.

Aarhus University is focused on ensuring that employees have the opportunity to create a balance between their work life and family life. The university does not want to use the plus time option unless in special circumstances. Plus time should thus not be used to deal with a heavy workload in general.

Plus time agreements cannot be made with members of academic staff as this staff group is not covered by the collective agreement’s provision on additional work.