Erasmus+ training mobility in Europe

Employees at Aarhus University can apply for an Erasmus grant for a study visit, workshop or job shadowing at a university or institution in an Erasmus program country.

The training stay can include the following types of activities:

  •  Stay at a company or an organization in an Erasmus program country.
  • Study stay at an Erasmus partner institution or another European university that participate in the Erasmus program.
  • Courses, including language courses, seminars and workshops that are relevant for your daily work. 
  • The grant cannot be used for conferences.

List of countries that participate in the Erasmus programme

The following criteria must be met

  • You are an employee at Aarhus University.
  • The stay will take place in an Erasmus program country.
  • Your superior must approve your stay.
  • The stay must be between 2 days and 2 months.However, only a maximum of 12 days of Erasmus support can be granted.
  • The stay must take place in a single location.
  • You retain your salary during your stay.
  • You submit the required documents before and after your stay.

If you are going to teach, you must apply for the Erasmus teaching grant.

The grants are awarded on the basis of a principle of dissemination, so that employees from as many main areas as possible get part of the funds. In addition, first-time applicants will be given priority. Emphasis is placed on whether the applicant works with international relations at AU and that the stay contains a future international perspective. 

What expenses can the grant be used for?

The Erasmus grant is a financial support for your stay, but will most likely not cover all your expenses. It is important that you agree on the financial conditions with your superior.

The Erasmus grant can be used to help cover transportation, hotel and daily necessities under regular AU travel rules.

The grant cannot be used to cover course fees. 

Size of the grant

The grant will be paid out upon completion of your stay to an indicated AU account. The amount is determined by the EU and depends on country, distance and length of stay. It varies between 140-180 Euro / day + approx. 275 Euro in travel allowance.

You can receive a grant for up to 12 days. 

How do I apply?

There is no application deadline. You only need to apply no later than 1 month before your stay.

You must complete 2 documents:

The applicant as well as the superior must sign the application form.

The work program must be approved and signed by the superior, the host institution and the applicant himself. A description of the purpose and expected outcome of the stay must be included. It is the applicant's own responsibility to ensure that the host institution agrees with the visit. Scanned or electronic signatures are accepted.

The two documents are sent as pdf files to International Office, Sara Ølholm Eaton, 

How do I get notified?

Please allow a processing time of approximately 3 weeks.

If you are awarded an Erasmus staff grant, you will receive an Erasmus contract by e-mail stating the terms and amounts. This contract must be signed by the grant recipient and returned by e-mail.

Please apply account string to the AU account the grant must be transferred to after completion.  

After the stay

After the stay, you must:

  • Complete an online EU evaluation form. You will receive this information via e-mail.
  • Submit a Certificate of Attendance, which has been signed by the host institution, to the International Office.
  • Send a copy of your travel expense reimbursement claim from RejsUd to . 

Grant payment

The grant is paid to the indicated AU account after the end of the stay, when the above documentation is received.