Introduction to WAYF

WAYF (Where Are You From) is the connection between your login at Aarhus University (or another education institution) and external web services.

With WAYF you can use the standard AU-username (au, followed by your AUid, e.g. au123456) or AU-matriculation number as your username and the password you already have at (Self-service). When you are logged on, you can switch between the various web services without a revalidation of the login.

How does WAYF work?

  1. A user opens the webpage (a service) he/she wants to access. The service demands a login, and one option is to use WAYF. When the user chooses to use WAYF as login option he or she is redirected to the WAYF loginpage where he or she has to select their home organisation (e.g. Aarhus University).
  2. The user logs in as he or she usually does at their home organisation ( at Aarhus Universitet). 
  3. Data about the user (first name, surname etc.) is passed on to WAYF.
  4. WAYF deselects all unnecessary attributes and the user is prompted for consent to give the service his or her attributes. There will as a principle never be passed any information not needed by the service.
  5. Data is sent to the service. Based on the information given to the service, the service decides whether a user can access the service or not.