@RISK performs risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation to show you many possible outcomes in your spreadsheet model—and tells you how likely they are to occur. It mathematically and objectively computes and tracks many different possible future scenarios, then tells you the probabilities and risks associated with each different one. This means you can judge which risks to take and which ones to avoid, allowing for the best decision making under uncertainty.



A license for this program is offered to employees and can be ordered from the following website:


As mentioned above the license can be ordered from the following website:

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The license costs 150 DKK and  will expire the 30th of September 2016. If you still wish to use @Risk, you must purchase a new license. 


Installation of @Risk is done by downloading and installing the file located at the link below.



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Program use

You can contact Analytics Group (AG) regarding general use of the program on:

advaced@asb.dkAnalytics Group
Room M21