SurveyXact is an online survey program, which has been made accessible by Aarhus University. The program makes it possible to create an online survey and invite participants very easily through e.g. e-mail.

5 good reasons to use SurveyXact:

  • No previous experience required
  • Simple setup
  • Many options
  • Quick overview of collected data
  •  Easy to export to e.g. SPSS


All employees and students can access SurveyXact using their AU ID and password. The program is online-based, which means it is not necessary to install the program. However Smartdesigner downloads a Java-applet therefor Java is required.

Use of the program in connection to projects:

If you want to use SurveyXact for data collection from companies etc., you need to be signed up to a course. Furthermore you need to have your topic defined in collaboration with a supervisor, before you begin the data collection.


All employees and students with an AU ID can access the program through the following website:


Official guide by Rambøll Management:


Analytics Group does not conduct courses for this program at the given time, but upon request a course can be arranged. This is done by contacting with the requested content for the course and requested duration, after which a course structure will be suggested that are consistent with the given requests.

Course material

Below the course material from current and previous courses is listed:

SurveyXact introduction

SurveyXact introduction is a basic course in developing questionnaires. You will learn how to develop simple questionaries via the program QuickQuest and how to distribute them. Furthermore a small introduction on how to export data. QuickQuest is a simple and intuitive program with several opportunities to customize your questionnaire through formatting and adjustments, so it fits your purposes.

Furthermore QuickQuest+ has more advanced opportunities, but the introduction course will only touch it briefly.