Strategy and lobbying

The team of Research Support, Strategy supports the university's ambition to influence national and international research agendas at an early stage and in a coordinated manner. It aims to create the best possible conditions for researchers working at AU winning national and international external research funding. 

The team provides the following services:

  • Intelligence scouting, interpretation and targeted distribution across AU in relation to future research funding opportunities at national level and in particular in relation to Horizon 2020.
  • Supporting the influencing of national and international research agendas:
    -  Support and coordination of AU Horizon 2020 Expert Groups
    -  Screening of lobbying opportunities and support for resulting activities of AU researcher
    -  Coordination and writing of studies, position papers and responses
  • Serving the AU Cross Cutting Research Committee in collaboration with the university secretariat and deans’ secretariat.
  • Help with implementing decisions of the AU Cross Cutting Research Committee with implications for the entire university.
  • Supporting university wide, strategic investments in research, such as interdisciplinary research centers.
  • Helping to coordinate AU's engagement with major private foundations.