Circle U. mobility pool to continue in 2023

Once again next year, staff at the Faculty of Arts have the opportunity to study and research abroad within the framework of the Circle U. alliance. The faculty management team has just decided that the mobility pool should continue in 2023.

Members of staff (either individually or in groups) can still apply for funding to visit one of the other eight Circle U. universities in Europe, although the total mobility pool is to be reduced in 2023. Both researchers and administrative staff can apply for funding to visit colleagues at another university in the Circle U. alliance with a view to gaining inspiration for research activities, teaching methods or administrative practices, and to create networks.

The funding has been set aside as part of the faculty’s strategic initiative aimed at increasing the level of internationalisation of our teaching and research. Staff can also supplement the support gained from the mobility pool with other funding options. For instance visits to other universities within the framework of the Erasmus+ staff exchange programme, with visits to a Circle U. partner being prioritised above other applications.

Further information

Circle U. is a university alliance between Aarhus University and eight universities in other European countries. The alliance aims to facilitate internationalisation and create new connections between research, teaching and innovation. Staff can apply for funding to cover their travel and accommodation expenses. A maximum grant of DKK 20,000 is available per person for each trip. The maximum amount available for groups is DKK 50,000 per trip.

Academic and administrative staff can also apply for an Erasmus+ grant for a short-term visit to a university or college in an Erasmus+ country to focus on teaching or training. Each grant consists of a certain amount per day plus a travel grant. Grants can only be issued for a maximum of 12 days.