Circle U mobility grant 2024

It is now possible to apply for DKK 20,000 in a mobility grant for a visit to Circle U universities. It is also possible to apply as a group, where the maximum grant is DKK 50,000 collectively for the group. The funds can be used to visit colleagues (including longer stays) at a university in the Circle U Alliance to be inspired by research activities, educational organization, administrative practices or to create network etc.

The funds are allocated as a part of the strategical effort of the faculty for increased internationalisation within both education and research. They are offered as a supplement to other opportunities of financial support e.g., Erasmus grants for employees.

It is recommended that direct contact is made with a relevant colleague at the university in question, or that contact is made to a faculty, department, centre, or the university’s international office to make an appointment for a specific visit or stay.


Who can apply?

Academic staff at least assistant professor level and technical/administrative staff.

If a group travels together, funding can be applied for to a group trip of shorter duration. For groups trips, students can also receive travel funds in partnership with a member of academic staff (max. 4 people incl. main applicant).


The funds are specifically targeted visits to a university in the Circle U alliance. Therefore, the destination must be one of the following universities:

  • Université Paris Cité
  • UCLouvain
  • King’s College London
  • Humboldt University Berlin
  • University of Belgrade
  • University of Oslo
  • Università de Pisa
  • Universität Wien

Purpose of Visit

The visit must be of academic relevance and should be conducted with a view to (preferably mutual) inspiration and networking activities.

What expenses are reimbursed?

It is possible to apply for funding to cover travel and subsistence expenses as well as hourly/daily allowances in accordance with the official and AU’s own rates and rules. A grant of up to DKK 20,000 is awarded per person per travel. There is no minimum or maximum of number of travel days. For group travels, a maximum of DKK 50,000 may be applied for per group travel.

Expenses for representation, e.g., dinners and gifts, conference and course participation or project costs such as materials, transportation of equipment, etc. are not covered.


Fill out the application form. There is no application deadline (ongoing). The applications are assessed by the vice-dean for research. The funds will be distributed on first served basis.

Applications must be approved by head of department and confirmation of this must be enclosed.

To ensure that the funds can benefit as many as possible, an appointment must be made before the application is made (documentation must be enclosed). Any previous visits are not supported.

It is possible to apply multiple times for different visits. One application can be submitted per. visit.


After the visit, you must settle your expenses in RejsUd. More information about settlement will be provided when the grant is accepted.

Travels must be completed and settled before the end of 2024. Funding is earmarked for the purpose in 2024.


You will receive an evaluation form, where you must give a short description of your visit, including outcome and follow-up plans.