Guidelines for planning teaching at the Faculty of Arts

Dates of semesters


Each board of studies fixes the dates on which semesters start and finish two years in advance, covering a teaching period of up to 14 weeks in each semester starting in late August/early September and late January/ early February respectively. Other periods can be arranged with the director of studies based on the specific needs of individual degree programmes. 

As a general rule, there is no teaching in week 42 (mid-October), on the days between Christmas and New Year, and on the three days before Maundy Thursday. The director of studies may approve teaching in week 42 if this has been agreed unanimously by the teacher and students concerned.


The planning of the teaching periods are based on the following principles: 

  • There must be 70 teaching days available each semester.
  • The autumn semester begins on the Monday of the week in which 1 September occurs (no teaching in week 42, which is always the autumn holiday).
  • The spring semester begins on 1 February, or on the first weekday after 1 February. There are 5-6 public holidays during the teaching period in the spring semester (two Mondays/two Thursdays/two Fridays)
  • A rolling plan is drawn up each year for the following two academic years.

Find the specific dates for each semester at the portal for teachers at Arts.

Using rooms for meetings

As far as possible, regular meetings of: 

  • the board of studies
  • the degree programme boards
  • the research programmes etc.  

should be arranged by departments by turns, with a view to ensuring that rooms are utilised in the best possible way.

Special circumstances

The following special circumstances will be taken into account at the request of individual teachers and subject to the verification of the director of studies before the teaching is planned: 

  1. Regular meetings at which the person in question represents the school on the university’s internal boards and councils (e.g. the academic council or boards of studies) and/or the school/university in external activities (e.g. participation in research councils or bibliometric groups). 
  2. Compulsory teaching far from your place of employment For example, this might be necessary for teachers at Emdrup Campus, who cannot normally start teaching in Aarhus before 10:00, and should preferably finish by 15:00 owing to the distance between Copenhagen and Aarhus. 
  3. Special requests for classes taught by part-time lecturers whose main employment lies elsewhere, unless the teaching in question is placed on a fixed day of the week (for instance internationalisation courses and supplementary subjects).    

Room sizes and room types

Room size is determined by:

  • the number of enrolled students
  • past experience regarding class size

Specialised rooms are used primarily for teaching students with special needs

Proximity to departments

As far as possible, the teaching will take place close to the department concerned.

Rooms for group work

There is no guarantee that classrooms will be available for group work in connection with planned teaching activities between sessions. 

Please use the libraries and other facilities on campus.

Changing the timetable

When any changes are made in timetabled classes, the teacher must be informed in advance. 

Every effort is made to ensure that courses are not changed after the first lesson, and that changes in general take place as rarely as possible (and preferably not at all) in terms of: 

  • their timing 
  • their geographical location

Teachers and students are encouraged to check their timetables regularly in order to minimise the risk of any misunderstandings.  

Courses may be moved to a different room and/or a different time in connection with the following events:

  1. The public defence of higher doctoral dissertations or PhD dissertations
  2. U-days and similar events
  3. Research conferences and seminars

Efforts will be made to plan and register these events in plenty of time so allowances can be made for them as far as possible when planning timetables for each semester (no later than 1 November for the spring semester and 1 May for the autumn semester). 

If it becomes necessary to change a timetable part way through a course (e.g. due to participation in ad hoc meetings, compensatory lessons in case of illness, seminars, study trips or research conferences), please contact the teaching and examination administration office. They will help you to book a new room and make your previous room available for other users .

Here are the contact teams in the teaching and examination administration office (UVAEKA):