Vision and strategy for Educational IT


In the “Education” section of its strategy for 2013-20, the Faculty of Arts at Aarhus University focuses on developing the quality of its degree programmes, including the development of new forms of teaching and learning with a view to promoting academic learning in students. The faculty regards the use of digital media as an essential feature of this development.

The vision for Educational IT (EDU-IT) can be summarised in the following points:

  • Strengthening and increasing the academic learning, study competences and academic digital literacy of the students
  • Supporting the educational/didactic development of new forms of teaching and learning
  • Supporting open and inclusive degree programmes in cooperation with national and international partner universities
  • Strengthening the faculty’s chances of attracting the best students and teachers by leading the field with regard to the use of Educational IT
  • Supporting the students in their efforts to complete their degree programmes on time