Research Committee at Aarhus BSS


Terms of reference

On 9 October 2018, the faculty management team decided to appoint a research committee at the school. The committee replaces the formerly appointed committee regarding external research funding.

The purpose of appointing a research committee at Aarhus BSS is to promote the strategic objectives of increasing the external funding of the school’s research, creating greater academic synergy across the school’s departments and supporting the Vice-dean for Research in representing the school’s interests both internally at AU and to the outside world. The school’s research committee is a forum for strategic discussions and cross-disciplinary experience sharing regarding application opportunities, potential cross-disciplinary projects, preliminary assessments of consultation responses, recommendations for awards, appointments etc.

Duties and responsibilities
The duties and responsibilities of the school’s research committee include:

  • Mutual briefing, consulting and experience sharing regarding application opportunities in relation to large foundations/calls
  • Discussing and initiating initiatives for how to strengthen collaboration across the school in relation to major research proposals/project ideas
  • Coordinating and possibly initiating the formulation of large academic initiatives/project ideas across departments with a view to a proactive dialogue in connection with selected large private foundations
  • Consulting the Dean's Office and faculty management team in research-related matters

The dean is responsible for appointing the school’s research committee and participates in the meetings as needed. The heads of department each appoint one member. Members are either deputy heads of department for research or equivalent management representatives with research responsibility. The Associate Dean for EU Financing is automatically a member of the committee. The Vice-dean for Research is the chair.

Meeting frequency
The committee will convene as needed (approximately four times a year).

Administrative support
The Dean’s Office provides the administrative support of the committee and is also responsible for coordinating with and involving other AU-stakeholders.

Administrative support

The research committees of the departments