Steering committee for university teaching development


To ensure a continuing focus on and prioritisation of university teaching development activities that are consistent with the school strategy as well as department needs, Aarhus BSS seeks to strengthen these activities and clearly define their relation to the faculty management team. For this reason, Aarhus BSS has appointed a steering committee to set the direction for its university teaching development activities.

The steering committee consists of a chair (the vice-dean for education), two directors of studies, two department heads and a representative from CED (observer). All members contribute to the overall objective of the steering committee, and the department heads and directors of studies contribute with suggestions and input from the departments as well.


  • Morten Rask, vice-dean for education (chair)
  • Charlotte Christiansen, strategic project manager for Retention and Internationalisation
  • Camilla Kølsen Petersen, strategic project manager for Digital Competencies
  • Jan Tønnesvang, department head, Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences
  • Peter Munk Christiansen, department head, Department of Political Science
  • Lars Esbjerg, director of studies, Department of Management
  • Malene Kerzel, director of studies, Department of Law
  • Dorte Sidelmann Rossen, CED representative, faculty coordinator for Aarhus BSS (observer)

Administrative support

The steering committee is supported by an advisor from the Dean's Office.