Education and courses for staff

Here you can find information about further and continuing education offered to staff at Aarhus BSS.

Read more about the procedure for the course programme and competence development in relation to the needs and wishes for the development of didactic skills.

Procedure for the course programme and competence development

Aarhus BSS uses the AU-defined SDD concept, where the party conducting the SDD and the employee discuss the needs and wishes for competence development, including the needs and wishes in relation to the development of didactic skills as well as how to consolidate it. The SDD round is followed up on in the department’s local liaison committee, where any needs for department-wide initiatives are identified.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CUL) submits their course programme to the departments twice a year. The course programme contains courses addressing all career levels and the courses’ content is coherent with the teaching assignments and responsibilities that are typically handled by the lecturers at the various career levels. All courses are evaluated and adapted regularly.

If the need for the desired didactic development is not addressed in the fixed course programme, self-designed courses are possible. These can be supported either by the Centre for Teaching and Learning, by the department or through participating in courses outside Aarhus BSS. 

Read the memo here (pdf format).