Download logos

Download Aarhus BSS’ logos

  1. Choose which format you prefer: EPS (vector-based) or PNG (image file).
  2. Select your unit in the drop-down list to download the logos. Please note that the download begins automatically.

Please note: The logo packages consist of six logos. Three logos in Danish and three logos in English in the colour schemes white, blue and original colours.  

Using the Aarhus BSS logo

Aarhus BSS logo must be used on all material from Aarhus BSS, including departments and centres.

The logo consists of a logo mark with the text "Aarhus BSS” and a logotype "School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University".

Clear connection with Aarhus University

The logo mark incorporates part of the original AU seal. This indicates that Aarhus BSS is inextricably linked with Aarhus University, but is also an innovative business school with its own profile and its own brand.

Department and centre letterheads

The logo mark may be combined with a logotype for the individual departments or centres. In this way,  the logo clearly indicates that the department or centre is the sender combined with the Aarhus BSS text in the logo mark.

Selected basic research centres, such as CON AMORE and CREATES, have been given permission to use their own independent logo in combination with the Aarhus BSS logo. This has been decided by the school management team, who in future may also allow other units to use independent sub logos. In all other cases, the Aarhus BSS logo must be used.

Download accreditation logos

Click on the button below and download the AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS logos in the solution and colour scheme you need.

Please note: The logo packages consist of logos in PNG format and EPS format.

Guidelines for use of accreditation logos

It is required to use the accreditation logos in the following places:

  • Recruitment materials for the study programmes at Aarhus BSS (leaflets for bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, the area of continuing and further education, presentations of study programmes etc.)
  • Aarhus BSS materials directed at external audiences, e.g. branding materials, partnership brochures etc.
  • In the footer of all external websites such as,, etc.

Generally, it is not necessary to use the accreditation logos in these places:

  • Merchandise
  • Internal websites such as and
  • Research publications from departments

The accreditation logos are automatically embedded in the following platforms:

  • Templafy templates (PowerPoint and Word)
  • Business card templates
  • Email signatures