Email signatures

Two-step guide to creating email signatures in Outlook

The following guide shows you how to create your email signature and insert Aarhus BSS’ new logo and the accreditation logos.

Step 1) Download the email signature template with logo

Select your unit in the drop-down list and save the email signature template on your computer.

If you cannot find your specific place of work on the list, please contact

Step 2) Setting up in Outlook

1. Open the Word file containing the email signature template and enter your own information. Leave Word open and proceed to the next step.

2. Open Outlook and create New email

3. Press Signature and select Signatures...

4. Press New

5. Name your signature (edit or erase the former).

6. Go to Word and copy the content – both text and graphics. (First click CTRL+A and then CTRL+C)

7. Go to Outlook and insert the text and graphics from the email signature template. (CTRL+V)

8. Make the necessary adjustments and make sure that links and email links are working.

9. Press OK to save. You have now added a new email signature.