Templates for video graphics

Here you will find Premiere Pro and Photoshop templates as well as instructions for how to use the Aarhus BSS design in videos. The templates are designed for use in Premiere Pro as Motion Graphics Templates, i.e. as finished “building blocks” with built-in animations. The files will be installed in Premiere under the tab ‘Graphics’ - ‘Install Motion Graphics Template …’.

Alternatively, you can make them as still graphics in Adobe Photoshop and “drag them in”/import them to Adobe Premiere Pro or similar video editing programs after they have been downloaded and adjusted. If you want to include animations in the Photoshop files (e.g. fade in/out), you add these in the video editing program.

The format of the templates is 16:9 (wide) and 1:1 (square).

Intro graphics / title tag

An element to be used at the beginning of the video to display the title. May also be used to mark a shift in the storyline, e.g.: “Day 2” and later in the video “Day 3” or for similar subheadings. This element is not meant to be used throughout the video e.g. as subtitling.

Quote / information element

An element to be used for short pieces of information or quotes. You can align the text to the top or bottom of the frame depending on the number of lines. The line used to indicate the name of the person quoted may be left blank.

The settings are found under Effects Controls in Premiere Pro.

Background graphics

A completely blue background that animates on/off. This can be used as a background for infographics or for photos that you do not wish to display full screen. You generally use the blue background when you wish to temporarily “switch away” from the video. You can place this element either below or above the watermark and the orange mini triangle - depending on the context. You should assess what works best on a case-to-case basis.


An element that makes it easy to add subtitles to your video. The blue backgrounds may be adjusted in opacity and width so that they fit the length of the text. Subtitles can be placed alongside e.g. nametags without overlapping.

Outro graphic

An element used to wrap up the video. Must be placed as the top layer in the editing so that no other elements are visible - including the watermark. May include two lines with text - e.g. a call-to-action. In addition, the video finishes with a URL of your own choice.

Lower thirds - name and title

When a person makes a statement, the name and title of the person should be included in the video - even if people introduce themselves. This is important as videos should introduce the person even if the sound is off.

The templates have been developed as both right and left-aligned elements. They may include either one or two lines of title text. The blue backgrounds may be adjusted in opacity and width if necessary.

You make the adjustments under Effects Controls in Premiere Pro.


The watermark is placed in the left-hand corner to discretely indicate that Aarhus BSS - or a unit at Aarhus BSS - is the sender of the video.

The size and placement of the watermark are fixed - 60 pixels from the top and left-hand edge. The watermark must not overlap other graphics, but should only be present in sequences with animations and moving images.

You may add or remove the orange triangle as required. However, you are encouraged to maintain this graphical marker when possible. You adjust the opacity in the Effect Controls panel and it must be set at either 0 or 100 per cent.