Evaluation of research quality at Aarhus BSS 2023-2025

In autumn 2022, the university senior management team decided to launch an evaluation of the research quality at the university's academic environments. Based on the recommendations from the faculties’ academic councils, the overall framework is now in place.

The evaluation process must contribute to learning and development at the academic departments, based on their own objectives, characteristics and mechanisms to support excellent research. Attention will be paid to whether the academic environments are well positioned and equipped for future developments in the research fields.

The evaluation will consist of two main parts: a self-evaluation report, which is based on discussions of research quality in the academic environments, and an external review by an international panel.

At Aarhus BSS, the evaluation unit will be the department. The individual performance of researchers will thus not be addressed. The self-evaluation report will relate to selected markers for research quality which are transversal for all departments, including research production and impact, international collaboration and attraction of external research grants.

In addition, the self-evaluation report will include a thematic part with 2-3 department-specific focus areas selected by each department, which reflect its special needs for knowledge and development.

During autumn 2023, Aarhus BSS Research, Equality and Diversity Committee will prepare an overall protocol for self-evaluation and panel visits, which describes the process and content of the two tasks. At the same time, the departments will select the department-specific focus areas to be included in the evaluation and begin the practical planning of the process.

The evaluation process will be carried out during 2024-2025 and is expected to be repeated every 4-5 years.