Semester greeting from the dean's office

Dear all,

Welcome back to a new semester at Aarhus BSS.

Our campi are once again full of life and new students, and it is great to see so many new and young talents who have decided to begin their studies at Aarhus BSS.

Looking back at the spring semester 2023, several parts of the organisation were faced with necessary budget adjustments, some of which unfortunately resulted in staff reductions.

The spring semester was also characterised by the continued development of Aarhus BSS's facilities in the University City, the faculty management team’s decision to change the school’s financial model, reorganisations in the Aarhus BSS administration, as well as discussions in the university senior management team and the faculty management team about the upcoming master’s reform, which will affect our semesters in the years to come and require a lot of effort from the entire organisation.

The political parties behind the master’s reform have agreed on the terms of reference for the master’s committee tasked with developing a comprehensive plan for bachelor's and master's programmes across the universities. The universities are facing an extensive task, and Aarhus BSS will also have its work cut out us when the master’s committee has drafted its recommendations during the next year. Regardless of the outcome, our strategic ambition of offering research-based education of the highest international quality and graduates who are sought after on the Danish and international labor markets remains unchanged. We will approach the work constructively and contribute to finding the best possible solutions with respect to our academic fields, to the employers of our graduates and not least to our students.

During this semester, we are also anticipating a visit by the international EQUIS accreditation panel. The accreditation visit will take place from 19-21 September and include meetings with the faculty management, faculty and staff, students and corporate stakeholders.

This autumn, we will also begin the search for a new member of our faculty management team. The position as head of department of the Department of Economics and Business Economics will be advertised as the current term is set to expire. The current head of department, Niels Haldrup, has announced that he does not wish to reapply for the position. We thank Niels for his efforts over the past six years, leaving behind a well-functioning department.

With the best wishes from the dean’s office for a good autumn semester,
Anne, Morten, Niels and Thomas