Summer Festival at Aarhus BSS

Mark your calendars for Friday 18 August 2017 when Aarhus BSS once again welcomes you to the Summer Festival in the University Park. Like last year, we are planning an informal party with a great atmosphere and live music.

The Summer Festival for employees and alumni takes place on Friday 18 August in the University Park. On the night of the party, the park will be transformed into an informal festival ground with tents, food stands, drinks and live music.

This year, the festival will feature one big tent where everyone can meet and a music tent for the concerts.  There will be plenty of opportunity for mingling across the whole school. The festival will start with a welcome session and a presentation of this year’s awards. The award ceremony will be spiced up with live music.

This year, the festival will feature live concerts with none less than the Aarhus veteran Thomas Helmig, the duo Sko/Torp and the popular band The Antonelli Orchestra.

You will get the invitation for the Summer Festival in May, but already you can mark your calendar for the Summer Festival on 18 August.  

We look forward to welcoming everyone affiliated with Aarhus BSS to a fun and festive evening in the University Park.