This year’s award recipients at Aarhus BSS

During December, four employees at Aarhus BSS have received an award for their efforts at the school for the past year. Here, you can meet the receiver of this year’s research award, the lecturer of the year, and the two administrative employees of the year.

2019.12.19 | Sinne B. Jakobsen

Lecturer of the year is Margit Malmmose. Photo: Sinne Jakobsen

This year's Research Award went to Fabio Wolkenstein. Photo: Sinne Jakobsen.

Administrative employee of the year Gitte Arildsen. Photo: Tine Bagger

Administrative employee of the year Thue Sebastian Winkler. Photo: Ingrid Fossum.

Lecturer of the Year

Margit Malmmose, associate professor
Department of Management

Margit Malmmose is the lecturer of the year at Aarhus BSS.

She receives the award for her work as a coordinator at the MSc in Management Accounting and Control, and as a course coordinator for the BSc in Economics and Business Administration. The nomination states that Margit has shown “a special dedication to teaching; elevating it administratively, professionally and pedagogically”.

Margit is also praised for her exceptional ability to engage in dialogue with other lecturers, and to motivate students and lecturers by “emphasising strengths rather than weaknesses”. Congratulations Margit!

Facts about the award: The award is presented to a lecturer who demonstrates excellent communication skills and an ability to view the academic content from a broader perspective, who has an innovative approach to methodology and teaching and who supports learning at various academic levels. The employee is encouraged to use the DKK 50,000 award towards professional qualification and development. Candidates for the award are nominated by the heads of department.

The Aarhus BSS Research Award

Fabio Wolkenstein, assistant professor
Department of Political Science

Fabio Wolkenstein receives this year’s Research Award for his “exceptionally extensive and impressive research production” with 15 articles in international, peer-reviewed journals. 

The nomination highlights Fabio’s ability to define “abstract political-theoretical theory in more specific studies of, for example, electoral systems, (transnational) parties and their role in democracy, the EU's political legitimacy, and populism”.  Fabio is described both academically and socially as “a great asset in the section for political theory” and is praised for his active involvement in the research applications submitted by the department. Congratulations Fabio!

Facts about the award: The award is presented to junior employees who have exhibited exceptional creativity and productivity in their research. The employee is expected to spend the DKK 50,000 award on continuously strengthening his or her research. For example, by spending time at another internationally recognised research institution. Candidates for the award are nominated by the heads of department.

Administrative Employee of the Year - two award recipients this year

A service-oriented and responsive administrative support of the school’s and the department’s tasks requires skilled administrative (TAP) employees. And those we have at Aarhus BSS, many of whom were nominated. Therefore, this year, the dean has chosen to present two TAP awards. It also means that a TAP award will not be presented in 2020.

Gitte Arildsen, department secretary
Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences

Gitte Arildsen receives the TAP award for her exceptional work as department secretary. The nomination describes her as the “central hub in our administration”, who with “good humour completes her tasks speedily, efficiently and flawlessly” and always with “a smile and an explanation”.

Gitte is described as “a treasured colleague who helps to make the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences a wonderful workplace”, and who “is exemplary of how a skilled administration employee can elevate the organisation and make people feel in safe hands and the organisation operate more smoothly”. Congratulations Gitte!

Thue Sebastian Winkler, board of studies supporter
Aarhus BSS Administrative Centre - Board of Studies Support and Degree Programme Quality Assurance Committee (SNUK)

Thue Sebastian Winkler receives the TAP award for his efforts as a board of studies supporter at Aarhus BSS Studies Administration (SNUK). His main task is to support the Bachelor’s degree programmes within business administration under the Board of Studies for Economics and Business Administration.

The nomination praises Thue especially for his ability to “settle very quickly into a broad and complex field (...) and with insight and confidence to assist with a number of educational reforms”.  He is described as “friendly, thorough, quick and resolution oriented” and as a “natural centre of dialogue between the administrative centre and the departments”. Congratulations Thue!

Facts about the award: The award is presented to an administrative employee who completes their tasks professionally, flexibly and efficiently at an extraordinarily high level with the user’s needs and wishes in mind; who is an excellent problem-solver and is passionate about providing a high-quality service; who is a cooperative, responsible and good colleague. The award comes with DKK 25,000. All the school’s employees can nominate candidates for the award.

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