Going abroad

Long-term stay at another research institution

The main supervisor must ensure that the individual PhD degree programmes each include a long-term stay at another research institution of a high international standard, preferably outside Denmark. The general approach of Aarhus BSS Graduate School is that a stay at another (preferably foreign) research institution is a benefit in terms of quality of education and internationalisation, also for students enrolled in vocational PhD programmes.


According to the PhD school's rules and guidelines, the change of research environment must be one continuous stay abroad of a duration of at least three months. According to the Statement of Terms and Conditions Act (Act no. 501 Lov om ansættelsesbeviser og visse arbejdsvilkår) clause 4.1 employed PhD students must have an addendum to their enrolment and employment letter as soon as they go abroad for four or more consecutive weeks. For BSS HR & PhD to draw up the addendum, the PhD student must complete the form regarding a change of environment abroad with a duration of four weeks or more. This form can be found on the "Forms and templates" page under "Change of research environment abroad". The form must be submitted no later than one week before the environmental change starts.

Special conditions

In case organisation of a long-term stay is not possible, a relevant alternative must be arranged and a request for a dispensation must be send. The proces is described below:

  • Possibilities for an alternative to a longer stay abroad are discussed between the PhD student, supervisors and PhD programme chair.
  • When a proposal for a relevant alternative is in place, the PhD programme chair, on behalf of the PhD student, sends a request to the head of the graduate school. The request must be justified and supported by the supervisor.
  • When the PhD school head has assessed the request, MyPhD should be updated.

For PhD students enrolled in a vocational PhD programme, the head of the graduate school may make an alternative arrangement in cooperation with the PhD programme chair and the involved collaborative business partners on the basis of a recommendation from the main supervisor and the PhD student.

There may be tax-related issues that require special attention in connection with a stay abroad. Aarhus University may not give advice on tax-related issues, but the local tax office may give advice and guidance on the subject.