Selected exams to take place in AU’s new WISEflow exam system

Winter exams are fast approaching, and this year, a number of students and lecturers will begin using WISEflow – AU’s new system for digital exams.

WISEflow will be launched across the entire AU during spring 2024. Photo: AU Foto

From spring 2024, all exams at Aarhus University will be taken in the new digital exam system WISEflow. This system will replace the Digital Exams system at all faculties except Aarhus BSS, which already uses WISEflow.

As part of a soft launch of the new system, a number of students and lecturers across AU will use WISEflow for their exams this winter. This initial phase will help us gather experience on how the system works with individual types of examination before it is rolled out across the university. As the functionality of the new system is slightly different from the version of WISEflow used at Aarhus BSS today, selected courses at Aarhus BSS will also be included in the soft launch.

All the lecturers, students and study administration staff involved in the initial phase will be notified directly.

If you’re not one of them but are still curious about the new system, you can read more about WISEflow here (in Danish only). You will receive more information about WISEflow in spring 2024 – well in advance of exam season. You will also get more information on what you need to be aware of in relation to your material in the Digital Exams system and the current version of WISEflow.

Important milestones in the WISEflow rollout

  • December/January 2024: Selected winter exams take place in the new WISEflow system
  • Spring 2024: Follow-up on the soft launch phase
  • Spring/summer 2024: New WISEflow system rolled out across AU

Facts about the new system

  • By using one system across the entire university, we can simplify administrative processes across AU and ensure better coherence in the digital landscape for staff and students.
  • WISEflow was selected as the new system following a statutory tender process in spring 2022, as it supports the majority of AU’s exam formats and is well equipped to prevent exam cheating.
  • WISEflow has been used at Aarhus BSS since 2014, where staff and students have been pleased with the system.

Read more about WISEflow on: New digital exam platform for the entire university ( (in Danish only)