New staff webpages are live: Sign in and edit your profile

The new AU staff pages replace the previous PURE design. Sign in and edit your page by providing information about yourself and your job.

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What a completed staff webpage could look like. (Model photo)

A business card for the world around us, where AU staff can present themselves and showcase their work to collaboration partners and colleagues, both in Denmark and abroad. This is the purpose of our staff webpages, which have long needed a design refresh and a friendlier user-interface. 

The launch of the pages was delayed in the autumn, and they are now functioning properly and you can sign in and edit your profile. 

Staff webpages showcase the range of talent at AU 

With the launch of the new pages, staff are now required to complete a short profile text and to include information about their job responsibilities or research. 

Personal staff webpages help to create transparency about the many different ways we are conducting research, teaching, fulfilling our mission, and contributing to society. The new design will also make it easier for you to highlight your competencies and areas of expertise. 

It is possible to add information in free text fields under the following headings:  

  • Teaching

  • Research

  • Collaboration

  • Consultancy

  • Profile

  • Job responsibilities 

You do not need to complete all the sections. If you choose not to complete a section because it is not relevant for your job, the heading will not be displayed. This makes it easier to customise your own webpage than it was with the previous PURE design. 

As a general rule, staff are also required to include a photo, an email address and a work telephone number on their staff page. But individual units may have their own guidelines for whether staff can make their contact information public or for how their staff pages should be completed. 

More information 

Need help updating your staff webpage? See this guide 

If you have any questions, you can also contact your local IT support team

See also article on the relationship between staff pages and Pure

About the process  

The new webpage design was developed by a broadly representative working group with input from both academic and administrative/technical staff. It was approved by the senior management team. The senior management team also approved the inclusion of mandatory text fields. AU IT is coordinating the project.