Login problems

We recommend that you always log on to Pure, using the login button on the Pure homepage. That way you are sure to end up in the right place.

By starting from the Pure homepage, you will also see important messages, for example if we have closed for access to the system due to system maintenance.

You need to use two-factor authentication to log on to Pure. Read more about configuration of two-factor authentication.

How to log on to Pure

You log into Pure using your AU login information. Click the Pure login button.

 Log in using your AU-ID (e.g. au123456) and password. Your AU ID and password are what you use to log onto AU's systems.

Frequent login issues

1. You have forgotten password

You can find help at AU IT if you have forgotten the password for your AU ID.


2. You are not registered in Medarbejderstamkortet

You need to be registered in the AU personnel system named Medarbejderstamkortet before you can get access to Pure. After you have been registered in Medarbejderstamkortet you can get an IT-user account at Aarhus University. You need have an IT-user account to get access to Pure.

Check if you are registered in Medarbejderstamkortet

Look up yourself by name on this webpage: https://international.au.dk/about/contact/staffdir/

If your name does not come up in your search, likely, it is because you are not registered.

Contact your local superuser to get registered

You can find your local superuser and read more about Medarbejderstamkortet on this page:


There may be up to a day's delay from your get registered in the Medarbejderstamkortet till you are able to log in to Pure.

3. You are missing a valid employee email

You need a valid employee email in "Medarbejderstamkortet" before you can become user in Pure. You create this email from your personal profile at https://mit.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/profile/mail

You decide what goes in front of the @. What comes after is determined by which department you belong to. It could be e.g. clin.au.dk or ps.au.dk.

  • AUH-employees cannot use their rm.dk email
  • AU-employees cannot use their uni.au.dk email
  • Present and former students cannot use their post.au.dk email

4. Unknown cause

If you are registered in Medarbejderstamkortet, and you are using the correct password, and you waited a day, and you are still not able to log in to Pure, you need to contact AU Pure Support at  pure@au.dk.