News from the senior management team no. 17/2019

Status of admissions of new students

Overnight to 26 July, a total of 7,139 applicants received notification that they had been offered a place at Aarhus University. Several of the university's new IT and engineering programmes have started well, and there has been more interest in several courses aiming at at upper secondary school teaching, such as English and history. Finally, this year AU also increased admissions to its study programme in medicine as a result of a political decision at national level to train more doctors.

Overall, AU will be enrolling 2 per cent fewer students than last year. The slight decline is partly because, after resizing, Aarhus BSS has had to close its Marketing and Management Communication Bachelor's degree programme, and partly because this year Aarhus University has introduced grade requirements for all natural science and technical degree programmes.

Students have to personally accept the place they have been offered, and so far 6,517 have done so. 85 per cent of applicants had AU as their first priority – slightly more than last year.

The second round of admissions is currently well underway, and there are still vacant places on individual degree programmes. The final admission figures will not be known until October, once the standby places have been allocated and the second round of admissions has been concluded.

Anders Correll, head of press and communication at Aarhus University, dies suddenly

It is with great sadness that we received the news that Aarhus University's head of communications and press, Anders Correll has died very suddenly at the age of just 61 years.

On Sunday, 4 August, Anders Correll felt unwell during an amateur cycle race, and he tragically died shortly afterwards.

Until the end, he was strongly committed to defending and promoting the reputation of Aarhus University, and for many he was a central figure at the university.

The funeral will take place on Thursday, 15 August at 12.30 at Aarhus Cathedral.

Positions of deans of the two new faculties now being advertised

The division of Science and Technology means that a dean has to be found for each of the two new faculties. The positions have just been advertised, with an application deadline of 23 September. The two new deans should be appointed by 1 January 2020, when the division will come into force, and the two new faculties will start operating.

Apply for grants from the Aarhus University Research Foundation (AUFF) Nova 2019

The Aarhus University Research Foundation has just published a grant call for its AUFF Nova 2019 funding programme. This year's framework is DKK 30 million, and the deadline for applications is 12.00 noon on Friday 4 October. At the same time, the foundation announced publication support for the second half of 2019, with deadline for applications on 4 September.

Apply for funding for competence development from the Agency for Competence Development in the State Sector

From 4 September, staff can apply for funding for individual competence development from the Agency for Competence Development in the State Sector (Den Statslige Kompetencefond). Your collective agreement determines for which activities you can primarily apply for funding, and for what amounts you are eligible.


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