Organisation of elections at AU


Is the person ultimately responsible for the elections, but is only involved in matters of principle and in the event of complaints about the elections.

Election Committee

The committee is made up of members of academic staff, members of technical/administrative staff and students who are designated by the rector to conduct elections. In practice, only the chairman is involved. The committee holds two meetings a year – one to approve the election circular, and one to evaluate the elections which have been held.

The Election Secretariat

Is the secretariat for the Election Committee. The Election Secretariat is responsible for holding elections and handles all the administrative work relating to elections.
Matters of principle or of a political nature are decided together with the chairman of the Election Committee.

Election working group in AU HR

There is an overlap between the working group and the Election Secretariat, but the Election Secretariat can be said to be the official title vis-à-vis the outside world, while the working group is the internal organisation.

The working group possesses the technical, electoral and communication expertise. The working group discusses and decides what does not have to be approved by the Election Committee, for example internal procedures and everything pertaining to data processing and system development.

At the moment, the working group is made up of: Jannick Geert Stubtoft, Jens Kristian Birthin, Charlotte Holmer Kirk and Taia Steffensen.

Working group on electronic elections

National working group made up of representatives from the universities using this electronic voting system.

At the moment, AU is represented by Jens Kristian Birthin and Charlotte Holmer Kirk.

Election experts

Each faculty has one or more contacts who work with elections to varying degrees. All information concerning elections issued by the Election Secretariat is sent to these contacts who are subsequently responsible for further dissemination.

Contacts for HR data, PhD data and STUD data

There are one or more contacts who are responsible for supplying data to the Election Secretariat for employees, PhD students and students.