AU Green Guide: Meetings and conferences

There's a lot you can do to minimise CO2emissions in connection with the meetings and conferences that you organise or take part in.

You can read about some of them here on this page.


How to hold sustainable meetings/conferences


With a few adaptations, you can make your meeting or conference a more sustainable experience for participants.

  • When ordering water, you can avoid ordering disposable water bottles. Instead, order jugs of water and glasses, or ask participants to bring their own water bottle.
  • You might want to consider making participants aware that there is a vegetarian option on the menu if you're to order food for a meeting/conference. You can also order vegetarian food for everyone and ask participants to say if they prefer the meat option.     
  • If you deem it manageable for the participants, you can suggest reading the material off the screen rather than printing it for distribution.

AU facts

AU has developed a website on how to hold sustainable conferences. 

Tools in connection with virtual meetings/conferences

You might want to consider whether your meeting or conference can be held via video conferencing if the people you are to meet with are at a different location. AU makes the following tools available for virtual meetings and conferences:

  • Teams
  • Zoom

Read more about what you can use the different tools for and what to be aware of with regards to security.

Did you know that ...

a one-hour video meeting emits up to a kilogram of CO2? If you turn off the video and use audio only, you can save as much as 96% CO2.