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  • Access Card

  • You are required to have an access card in order to access AU’s buildings.
  • Below you will find the formulas to order your access card for employees and quests (temporary)


Employees that have started an education at AU, will get a studentcard, when ordering an access card in the educational period.

Students are responsible for ordering their student cards themselves through activation is done through the subject portal. For more information go to
Please note that student employees and Ph.d. students must use their student-ID as access cards

External users, e.g. Distributors, order their access cards at the facility management.

Employees at Arts Aarhus can order and activate their access cards themselves.
Employees at ST Aarhus can order the access card themselves, the card must then be activated by the faculty secretary.
Other employees must order the access card at the departments secretary.

When you, as an employee or secretary, must order a new access card, you can find the faculty specific ordering guide below. The type of access card, employee or temporary, is chosen in the relevant ordering form.

Types of Access cards

The following is the different types of access cards:

  • Student card
  • Access cards for employees
  • Access cards for external users without an AU-ID (e.g. distributors or workmen)
  • Temporary access cards for users without an AU-ID (e.g. guests)

Access card for Health

Ordering an access card for HEALTH

Only authorized personnel may use the ordering form. If you are an employee at the faculty of health, then you must contact the faculty secretary to order your access card.

Access card for ARTS

Ordering an access card for:

- Employee Aarhus
- Employee Emdrup 
Trøjborgvej 82-84

 Access cards for The Nobelpark, langlandsgades kaserne og Trøjborg must be activated after receipt:
- Activation of access cards for the Aarhus
- Activation of access cards for Trøjborgvej 82-84

Access card for ST

Ordering an Access card for:

- ST Aarhus
ST Foulum
- ST Flakkebjerg
- Roskilde: Contact the recepotion

When you receive the access card, it must be activated by the department's secretary

Access card for Aarhus BSS

Ordering an access card for:

- Fuglesangs Alle
- Universitetsparken (bygning 1320-1411)
- Tåsingegade/Rektoratet

- Herning: Access cards must be ordered by contacting the reception at BSS Herning.

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