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This page has information about mail and shipments for AU in Aarhus.

For information about other locations, see the box "other AU locations"

Sending a letter with PostNord

A letter has a max weight of 2 kilos. If it weighs more it has to be sent as a parcel. 

Send a normal letter (worldwide)

  1. Write the recipients name and address on the front. Write sender on the back. 
  2. Place the letter in the outbox (udbakke). Your secretary knows the location of the outbox. 
  3. We'll pick up the letter and send it. The department/institute will be invoiced bu PostNord via EAN.

Note: Letters can not be tracked. 

Q-letters (only in Denmark)

To send a letter as a Quickletter, write a "Q" on the front. The delivery time for Q-letters are 1-2 days. Please note, Q-letters are more expensive to sent, refer to the section on prices. Q-letters can't be tracked. 

Registered Letter (worldwide)

To send a letter as Registered write a "R" on the front. R-letters can be tracked and the recipient has to sign to receive it. In Denmark a R-letter will reach its destination in 1-2 days. For other countries it's 10-15 days. 

Note: It is cheaper and faster to send as a parcel instead of a R-letter. See next section for info on parcels. 

Sending a parcel with PostNord

All shipments with a weight of more than 2 kilos it sent as parcels. Parcels always have track & trace on them. 

If your shipment weight less than 2 kilos and should be sent as a parcel, write "send as parcel" on the envelope/box. 

Sending a parcel (worldwide)

  1. Write the recipients name and address on the front. Write senders info on the back. If the receiver is a private address in Denmark a telephone number and/or email is required. 
  2. Place the shipment in/near the outbox (udbakke). Your secretary know where it's located. 
  3. We'll pick up the shipment and send it. Your institute/department will be invoiced by PostNord via EAN.

Parcels outside the EU

Custom papers has to be completed for parcel going outside the EU. Inform us of the contents of the parcel and the value of the content. You can write it directly on the parcel or on a post-it. We wil then fill out the necessary Custom papers for the parcel. 

Parcels to company addresses in Great Britain
Parcels going to a company address in Great Britain needs a GB EORI number. Please inform us of that number. In some cases you can obtain the number from the company website, in other cases you'll have to contact the receiver to obtain the number. 

Valuable parcels

It is possible to buy an insurance for at parcel. The insurance will cover up to 20.000 DKK. Please contact us for more info. 

Sending with a courier

Special express shipments (courier) and shipment of pallets is not part of our service. 

You may freely choose any courier or carrier company. Start by asking your secretary if there is already an agreement in place with a specific courier or carrier. 

Internal shipments on AU

We pickup and deliver internal shipments on most AU addresses in central Aarhus. 

A internal shipment may be an envelope, a box/parcel, a brown internal envelope, etc. 

How to send an internal shipment: 

  1. Write receivers name and building number / address on the envelope/parcel. 
  2. Place the envelope/parcel in or near the outbox (udbakke). Your secretary knows where it's located. . 

Internal shipments in Aarhus are delivered day to day, with a few locations where it will be 2-3 days.

Shipments going from Aarhus to the AU addresses in Tjele, Roskilde, Emdrup, Herning and Moesgaard are being sent daily with PostNord. 

Prices, invoicing and delivery times

Prices and invoicing

Our internal service (Mail and Logistics) is free to all employees. 

The institute/department only pays for the shipments, which is invoiced directly by PostNord via EAN. 

PostNord prices - Letters and Quick letters

PostNord prices- Parcels

Delivery times

In Denmark
Letters in Denmark: 5 days
Q-letters and R-letters in Denmark: 1-2 days
Parcels in Denmark: 1-2 days
Internal AU shipments: see the section above

Outside Denmark
Letters (incl. R-letters) 5-15 days depending on the country.
Parcels: 5-15 days depending on country.
Note: In our experience parcels always arrive faster than letters

Registering a change of address

If your organisational unit (e.g. department/school) is changing address, please notify the Mail and Logistics at intern-post@au.dk and inform us of:

  • the address you are moving from
  • the address you are moving to
  • the date of the move

If you have made customer agreements with courier companies (e.g. FedEx or GLS), please remember to inform them/update your customer information.

Remember: Notify the Unit Registry – read more here (in Danish). This change will be applied to all instances and therefor also every employees address association


Internal Mail is running normally all summer.

Contact Internal Mail in Aarhus


E-mail is preferred due to driving. 

28 99 25 35 (Ole)
23 38 21 30 (Dennis)

Other AU locations

Mail and parcels in Emdrup (in Danish)

Mail and parcels in Roskilde: Contact  building service

Mail and shipments in Flakkebjerg: Contact building service

Mail and shipments in Herning: Reception / BSS student services

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 11.30-12.30

Trøjborgvej 82-84, building 1918
DK-8000 Aarhus C