• Mail and Shipments

As a general rule, letters should be sent as standard letters, which take three to five working days to be delivered. Letters do not have tracking. 

If it is absolutely necessary that your letter be delivered the next day (Monday to Saturday), you can send it as a ‘quick letter’ (Quickbrev). Write the letter ‘Q’ at the top centre of the envelope. Please be aware that this is expensive: a quick letter weighing up to 100 grams costs DKK 28. Quick letter do also not have tracking on them. 

A letter is defined by specific measurements and cannot weigh more than 2 kg. All outgoing mail can be ship as parcels with tracking, se below. 


If a shipment weighs less than 2 kg, it should generally be sent as a letter (see above). If you wish to send the shipment as a parcel instead, please write “send as parcel” on it. Parcels have the advantage that they can be tracked with Track & Trace.

Any item of mail weighing more than 2 kg will be sent as a parcel and can always be tracked with Track & Trace.

  • When parcels are sent to private individuals, the recipient’s email or phone number must be provided so that PostNord can send email or SMS notifications to them. The recipient’s email or phone number should be written in the bottom-left corner of the parcel.
  • PostNord has imposed a fee of DKK 30 on parcels that cannot be machine-sorted but have to be sorted by hand. You can read more about how to prepare your parcel and avoid the fee here.

Business parcels to Great Britian
A GB EORI number must be supplied. This number can be obtained by contacting the receiver of the parcel. 

Special shipments

Registered letters

If you wish to send a registered letter, you must write a large letter ‘R’ in the bottom-left corner of the envelope. Important documents should always be sent as registered mail, but please note that registered mail is the most expensive type of shipment.
An important letter can also be sent as a private parcel (when sent to a private address – e.g. to an external examiner) or as a business parcel (when sent to an institution, company or embassy, etc.). As with registered letters, there is a Track & Trace function on parcels, and the recipient must sign to receive the parcel. The only difference is the price: it is just over DKK 100 cheaper to send documents as a parcel than to send them as a registered letter.
We therefore recommend that important documents are sent as a parcel.
If the letter is to be sent as a parcel, please write “send as parcel” in the bottom-left corner of the envelope (see the “Parcels” section above).

Sending letters and parcels abroad

Parcels sent out of Denmark will also be sent with a Track & Trace number. If you send to a country outside the EU, please include a description of what the letter/parcel contains. For example, “documents, no commercial value” or “instruments for repair” – try to be as specific as possible. Please also indicate the shipment’s value as it is important for insurance reasons.


For particularly important letters and parcels that need to arrive quickly, both inside and outside Denmark, we recommend using BlueWater Courier Transport.

Postal routes

Postal routes are planned in order to include most AU units in the 8000C postal code area. There is a specific route for both the morning and the afternoon. Internal AU mail will be delivered to the recipient the day after it is collected. Please remember to write the recipient’s name and the name of the insititute/department, unit or administrative division on the envelope.

Mail intended for shipping and stamping is collected daily by PostNord between 14:00 and 14:30 and is sent directly to the East Jutland Postal Centre. This applies Monday to Friday.

Units can deliver their mail themselves until 12:30 in building 1918, Trøjborgvej 82-84, 8000 Aarhus C, Mail and Logistics. If there are no employees on site, please leave your mail in the mailbox by the door.

Mail from Aarhus to the AU units in Tjele, Roskilde, Emdrup, Herning and Moesgaard is sent daily as economy post (B-post) with PostNord in one single shipment. If you need to send a letter to an AU unit outside of Aarhus with expedited delivery, you must send it as an external ‘quick letter’ (Quickbrev).

Prices (PostNord)

You can find PostNord’s prices here. Aarhus University has a major customer agreement with PostNord, so the final prices will be slightly lower than those listed.

If you need help with mail, parcels, etc., feel free to contact the Mail and Logistics.

Registering a change of address

If your organisational unit (e.g. department/school) is changing address, please notify the Mail and Logistics at intern-post@au.dk and state:

  • the address you are moving from
  • the address you are moving to
  • the date of the move

If you have made customer agreements with courier companies (e.g. Budstikken or GLS), please remember to inform them/update your customer information.

Remember: Notify the Unit Registry – read more here (in Danish). This change will be applied to all instances and therefor also every employees address association


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