Events at the University´s premises


This page is intended for those who want to book rooms at AU for events, conferences and the like. Rooms for ordinary meetings or teaching are booked locally via your department or administrative unit.

Events in the University Park

Only permits are issued for events in University Park under the auspices of AU and not for AU external or private individuals. Contact

Conference and meeting facilities at Aarhus University Research Foundation

Researchers at Aarhus University have the opportunity to receive funding for holding research-related events in Hejmdal.

Renting out to external parties

Rooms are only rented for ad hoc events that are in accordance with Au'S activities – i.e. Not for privately offered teaching, commercial activities, etc. In each case, an assessment will be made based on the content and purpose of the event etc. A tenancy agreement is drawn up in the event of a rental.


Conference Help