Guest flats at Aarhus BSS

Aarhus BSS has a number of guest flats at Vestervang which are rented out based on the guidelines below. The guest flats are administered by Aarhus BSS Building Services. In addition to the Aarhus BSS flats at Vestervang, employees may also book visitor accomodation elsewhere at Aarhus University.

Who can rent the guest flats?

  • Academic staff members employed at Aarhus BSS for periods of residency in connection with research projects or teaching
  • Academic staff members at Aarhus BSS for periods of residency in connection with carrying out other responsibilities at AU
  • Other AU staff members for periods of residency in connection with carrying out responsibilities for Aarhus BSS

Should there be periods between renters, Aarhus BSS may rent out the flats in accordance with general rules.

How long can you stay in a guest flat?

The guest flats are mainly rented out to research stays of minimum 1 month and maximum 12 months' duration.

Stays less than 6 months

You can rent the flats for stays lasting less than 6 months via Aarhus BSS Building Services.

Stays beyond 6 months

In rare cases, stays may extend beyond 6 months. If you wish to rent a flat for more than 6 months, a consultation with the dean at Aarhus BSS is necessary.

How are the guest flats allocated?

All applications for guest flats are prioritised based on the criteria for applicants and duration of stay – see the information above.


  • The final prioritisation for the autumn semester takes place in February.

  • The final prioritisation for the spring semester takes place in August.

Applications submitted after these deadlines and applications concerning stays during the semester will be processed in the order they are submitted.

What does it cost to rent a guest flat?

Prices include expenses for electricity, water, heating, TV and internet.

Payment is made via invoice or reclassification.

Current rent (rent is regulated annually on 1 January)

Vestervang 9

Vestervang 28

Vestervang 29

1 month

DKK 10,600

DKK 10,300

DKK 10,300

14 days

DKK 6,260

DKK 6,090

DKK 6,090

1 week

DKK 3,360

DKK 3,270

DKK 3,270

1 day (only for extension of stays)

DKK 595

DKK 570

DKK 570

Who administers the guest flats?

Aarhus BSS Building Services administers the guest flats at Vestervang under the leadership of the head of building services, who is authorised to sign leases.

Aarhus BSS Building Services also performs practical tasks related to the flats – including handling keys, cleaning and inspections – and serves as the point of contact for renters.

How do you apply for a guest flat?

You apply for a guest flat by printing, filling in and submitting the form in the right side of this page. The form will ask you to state the purpose of your stay as well as the duration and the number of people.

The form must be submitted to Aarhus BSS Building Services at

Other forms of visitor accomodation at Aarhus University

In addition to the Aarhus BSS guest flats at Vestervang, employees may also book visitor accomodation in the Nobel Park, at Peter Sabroes Gade and at Observatorievej. Forskningsfondens Ejendomsselskab A/S (FEAS) is responsible for visitor accomodation in these areas.

There are also a number of accomodation options at the Department of Mathematics, which you can book by contacting this department directly.


Fill in the application form and send it to


If you have any question, please contact:

  • Winnie Salling
    Aarhus BSS Building Services

    Phone: +45 93 52 23 62