Waste management at Aarhus BSS

Waste management 

The following waste management categories apply to areas covered by Aarhus BSS Buildings Supervision:

  • Paper waste (copying paper, cardboard etc.)
  • Residual waste (perishable waste, paper plates, pens etc.)
  • Glass and bottles
  • Bulk waste (furniture, tools and equipment, ring binders etc.)
  • Toxic waste (batteries)
  • Electronic waste (cables, computers etc.)


Each employee is responsible for disposing of waste on days when the cleaning staff does not stop by the office. Paper waste is collected in printing/copy rooms etc., while residual waste – possibly in a bin bag – is put into bins in kitchen areas and the like. Container for disposal of confidential paper waste can be ordered at the operations office. 


Bin bags are distributed by the cleaning staff or can be collected from the kitchen area. Ask the local cleaning staff.


As regards the disposal of glass and bottles, bulk waste as well as toxic waste, ask the local Buildings Supervision staff.


Electronic waste is collected in the local IT-support.