How do I log on to the Digital Exam platform?

You can log on to the system at

If you are an external assessor, you can log on in one of two ways:

  1. Via WAYF, where you use the same username and password you use for (Self-service). If you can’t remember your logon information, you can find your user name here and request a new password.
  2. With NemID, where you log on to the system using your NemID username and password. (Remember to select Aarhus University as your institution.)

If you do not have a WAYF login, you can obtain one the following way:

  • On you select the button “New user access”, then you select NemID on the list of affiliated institutions and log on using your NemID.
  • Under “Personal information” on you select “Change password”. Enter your new password, which must consist of 8 characters and include upper and lower case letters and figures.
  • Next your name when logged on to is your username, AUID. It consists of 'au' and six letters. This is your username for WAYF.
  • It is very important that you close all browser windows and restart the browser afterwards. 
  • Go to the and log on using your AUID and the password you have just created. From now on you can log on using either WAYF or your NemId.

If you are an internal assessor, you must log on via WAYF. You should use the username and password you use to log on to (Self-service). If you can’t remember your logon information, you can find your user name here and request a new password.

Will I receive a hard copy of the students’ exam papers?

This is decided by the faculty you are affiliated with. Contact the exam administrator for the exam you are assigned to assess for more information.

How do I assign a mark to a written exam followed by an oral defence?

The marks is to be assigned after the oral defence.

I have downloaded all the students papers, but my computer cannot open them.

All downloaded files of more than 2gb are in a format called 7-zip. You can download the program 7-zip for Windows at the top of the page here and an unofficial program for MAC at the bottom of the page here.

Administrative support

If you have any questions about the exam, for example about the exam assignment or the students’ papers, you should contact the  studies secretary responsible for the exam.

You will find contact information for the relevant exam supervisor under the exam in question in the Digital Exam system. This information is also included in the mail you received regarding the digital exam.

Technical support

If you have any questions, for example in relation to login or functionality, contact the Study Systems Support.

Teamviewer allows us to provide online support. Click "Download Teamviewer" below.

Opening hours:
Monday to thursday - 9AM to 3PM
Friday - 9AM to 2PM