Online reference books


  • AAU Ordbog
  • Danish Language council
    Includes the Danish spelling dictionary Retskrivningsordbogen
  • Den Danske Ordbog
    Describes the vocabulary of modern Danish from about 1955 to the present day. Also includes Ordbog over det danske Sprog (ODS), a historic dictionary that covers the Danish vocabulary from 1700 to about 1950.
    Dictionaries. Danish-English/English-Danish, Danish-German/German-Danish, Danish-French/French-Danish, Danish-Spanish/Spanish-Danish, Danish-Swedish/Swedish-Danish, Danish-Portuguese/Portuguese-Danish, Danish-Italian/Italian-Danish, Den Danske Netordbog and the accounting dictionaries Danish-Danish, Danish-English/English-Danish and English-English
    Online versions of Gyldendal's general-language dictionaries. Danish-English/English-Danish, Danish-German/German-Danish, Danish-French/French-Danish, Danish-Spanish/Spanish-Danish and Oxford
  • Ordbog over det danske Sprog
    Dictionary of the Danish language from 1700 to about 1950
  • Oxford English Dictionary
    Dictionary. English-English
  • Oxford Reference Online
    Contains 18 English dictionaries to/from French, Spanish, German, Irish, Italian, Latin, Spanish and Welsh


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