Sponsorship policy

Aarhus University considers its collaboration with businesses and organisations as an opportunity for mutual inspiration, to the benefit of both parties. Such collaboration enables the university to carry out activities in a manner and to an extent which would otherwise be impossible.

The objective of Aarhus University’s sponsorship policy is to provide clear guidelines for collaboration with businesses and organisations which wish to sponsor activities, events, buildings etc. within the purview of Aarhus University.

A sponsorship is defined as a relationship whereby a sponsor organisation is given the opportunity to its increase visibility through association with an Aarhus University activity in return for payment. This means that, as a general rule, VAT must be charged.

The sponsorship policy does not apply to external funding of research projects, which are governed by a separate set of rules. Neither does this sponsorship policy apply to other types of collaborative relationship in which Aarhus University supplies services other than visibility, such as collaboration agreements on special professorships, recruitment and employer branding services.

Guidelines for concluding sponsorship agreements:

1. Written agreements

Written agreements must be concluded which clearly describe the purpose, content, distribution of tasks, finances, duration and other obligations for both parties.

2. Selection of sponsors

  • Sponsors must be organisations and enterprises with brands which do not conflict with Aarhus University's mission, vision and values.

3. Managerial responsibility

  • In connection with sponsorship agreements which solely concern activities at a faculty, the dean of the faculty is responsible. In connection with more extensive cross-organisational activities, the rector is responsible.

4. Influence

  • A sponsor may not exercise a controlling influence on the sponsored activity.

5. Design, aesthetics and naming

  • The visual presentation of a sponsor of an activity must make it clear that the organisation in question is a sponsor of an Aarhus University activity, in a manner which clearly indicates that Aarhus University is the main organiser of the activity. Aesthetically, the visual presentation of the sponsorship relationship must ensure that Aarhus University’s own profile as organiser is not overshadowed by that of the sponsor. Activities may not be named after sponsors.

However, buildings, professorships, laboratories, centres, prizes, etc. which are externally funded, either wholly or partially, may on agreement with the Rector’s Office be named after a sponsor.

6. Evaluation and quality assurance

  • Sponsorship agreements must be evaluated in writing. The manager with responsibility for the agreement must evaluate this evaluation.

The Rector's Office, November 2007


Sponsor agreement form and guide

Download sponsor agreement form (for non-clinical sponsor agreements only) and feel free to also read the guide on how to fill out the agreement form.