Translation from Danish into English at Technical Sciences

AU has entered into a new agreement on translation services. The agreement is valid from 27 April 2023.

The agreement

The agreement covers translation work (Da-En/En-Da), which does not have the capacity to handle internally. This could be, for example, translation of press releases, web texts, policies, strategies and operational administrative texts.

The agreement does not cover the translation of heavy academic grade such as scientific articles, research applications, etc. Here it is possible to use other suppliers.

The agreement does not contain major changes in relation to the previous agreement.


Global Denmark A/S will be an exclusive supplier to AU in future.


Contact person at Global Denmark A/S


Global Denmark A/S

Bülowsvej 48A, st.

1870 Frederiksberg C

Name: Simon Scott Palmer,

Managing Partner

Phone: 3386 2933


Orders are submitted by email to Global Denmark via:


Global Denmark must solve the translation task within six working days unless otherwise agreed specifically or in the case of an urgent task.


Prices can be found on the AU procurement website: Translation work at AU

Global Denmark must use Au's translation system, which is an IT platform that supports a more consistent use of language. Global Denmark offers a discount on the word price, based on ' reuse ' in Au's translation system. In this way, the word price will decrease in step with the amount of reuse.

Global Denmark is, however, entitled to charge a minimum price of DKK 600.

Further information

Further information about the agreement, including a Pixi guide about the agreement, can be found on the AU procurement website: Translation work at AU