4 important requirements for settlements


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1. Settlement in RejsUd

On your settlement in RejsUd the following must always be evident:

  • Detailed occasion for the settlement in the settlement name e.g. "meeting/ conference regarding AU Strategy" (find examples in the menu on the right)
  • Correct project and activity number
  • Correct cost types
  • Specified invoices/receipts

2. Appendices/Documentation

The following must always be stated on your invoices:

  • Aarhus University
  • AU address
  • CVR (31 11 91 03)
  • Specification of the purchase and the amount (Date of the purchase, what has been purchased and for how much incl. VAT)
  • Documentation of the payment, if not paid with an AU credit card


If the purchase is for others, e.g. gifts, meals, or a hotel the following must be added to the settlement in RejsUd:

  • Full name of the receivers/guests/participants + affiliation
  • The occasion for the purchase


NB: When settling costs for hotel accommodation, please note the current hotel allowance rates and, if necessary, justify why you have exceeded them.

3. Mileage

You can only request mileage allowances for distances in addition to your daily drive to and from your workplace at AU, and if it is driven by yourself in your household's car.


If you are to receive mileage allowances with high-rate you must attach a copy of a valid high-rate authorisation to the settlement in RejsUd.

* cf. section 9, 10 & 14-17 in the Circular for official travel

4. Hourly and daily allowances

It is not possible to settle hourly and daily allowances in advance. It is only possible to settle hourly and daily allowances for the days you have already been away.


Remove the mark in the meals that you have paid for yourself within the travel period.  

Cf. §12 in the Circular for official travel